Grande House: Harmonizing Nature and Design for a Chic, Eco-Friendly Home

Discover the allure of Patio Livity‘s Grande House in Bandung, Indonesia. This private house, designed in 2023, showcases a unique blend of architectural innovation and sustainability. The design by Patio Livity strikes a harmonious balance between openness and seclusion, utilizing creative solutions for privacy, natural ventilation, and solar control.

Contemporary house with geometric lines and warm lighting at dusk.
Contemporary living space with wood accents and garden view.
Modern living room with sofa, chairs, and chandelier, opening onto a patio
Modern home office with desk, shelving, and sliding glass door.
Elegant walk-in closet with glass doors and wood accents.
Contemporary courtyard with water feature and dinosaur sculpture.
Contemporary living space with garden view.
Modern house exterior at night with illuminated patio and garden.
Contemporary house with vertical wooden slats and garden lighting at dusk.
Sleek contemporary house with flat roofs and landscaped garden.
Modern house with geometric design, large windows, and cantilevered roofs.

About Grande House

Innovative Architectural Approach

The Grande House presents a unique architectural canvas, boasting a massive 56-meter facade that serves as a playground for creative design solutions. Rather than conventional barriers, the design embraces a layered strategy incorporating elements like perforated metal plates, sun-screen louvers, stone walls, and vibrant vegetation to manage sunlight and privacy seamlessly.

Balancing Act: Openness and Seclusion

Each room within the Grande House is meticulously crafted to promote natural airflow and optimize daylight, creating a sophisticated interplay between openness and seclusion. The emphasis on horizontal design elements not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the grandeur of the property.

Sustainable Living Redefined

The design journey of the Grande House was marked by challenges such as urban privacy and environmental concerns, which were addressed through strategic design interventions. The integration of adjustable louvers, greenery for shading, and harnessing prevailing winds exemplify the commitment to sustainable living.

Innovative Security and Safety Measures

Security remains a top priority in the Grande House, evident in the multilayered entrance system and quick evacuation designs for fire safety. A fusion of smart alarms, security checkpoints, and deterrent hurdles ensures a safe and secure living environment without compromising on aesthetics.

Eco-Conscious Design Ethos

Embracing renewable energy solutions, the Grande House incorporates systems like splash sprinklers, greywater reuse, and reflective pools to minimize environmental impact. Locally sourced materials and sustainable construction techniques further enhance the project’s eco-friendly credentials, embodying a true synergy of luxury and sustainability.

Photography courtesy of Patio Livity
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- by Matt Watts