MR750: Transforming City Living in Tel Aviv with Studio ETN

Discover MR750, a breathtaking apartment transformation in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN in 2022. Transitioning from a spacious house, the client sought a city dwelling near family, leading to this 120 square meter space. Studio ETN reconceptualized it to cater to both living and hosting, integrating a versatile room and a luxurious master unit with distinct areas for practice, storage, and relaxation, all while embracing a classic material palette inspired by the client’s previous home.

Modern living room with minimalistic decor and a piano.
Elegant open-plan living space with sleek kitchen and cozy lounge area.
Minimalist kitchen with neutral tones and clean lines, featuring a dining area and bar
Sleek kitchen with island, bar stools, and minimalist cabinets.
Modern dining room with wooden table, red chairs, pendant lights, and a large
Minimalist living room with white walls, grey sofa, and wooden piano.
Modern minimalist living room with ocean view.
Minimalist bedroom design with a large bed, panel wall, and ceiling fan.
Minimalist bedroom with sleek wall panels and horizontal lighting.
Minimalist bedroom with sleek furnishings and balcony access.
Contemporary bathroom with marble walls and glass shower.
Modern bathroom with a glass shower enclosure, beige tiles, and minimalistic decor.

About MR750

Creating Harmony in Transition: The MR750 Story

Studio ETN faced the challenge of transforming a 120 square meter (1,291 square foot) Tel Aviv apartment into a harmonious sanctuary. The client, moving from a spacious house to the city, necessitated a design that bridged the gap between vastness and compact urban living.

The reimagined space now hosts a versatile room—a hybrid of a guest room, office, and a playful retreat for the grandchildren. This multifunctional approach ensures the apartment adapts to various living scenarios, embodying flexibility and thoughtfulness.

Masterful Design Touches

The heart of this transformation is the 41 square meter (441 square foot) master unit. It expertly combines functionalities: a practice and sports area, a place for saxophone serenades, and an open sun terrace with sweeping views. The inclusion of an open walk-in closet and a spacious shower room, equipped with ample storage, elevates the master unit into a private haven.

Echoes of the Past, Vision for the Future

Studio ETN meticulously selected natural materials, drawing inspiration from the client’s previous abode. This strategic choice facilitated a smoother transition, blending familiarity with the new urban context. The design not only mirrors the client’s past lifestyle but also anticipates future needs, ensuring full accessibility.

The project exemplifies the unity of classic aesthetics with modern functionality. By thoroughly reimagining the apartment’s layout and embracing a material palette that resonates with the client’s history, Studio ETN has crafted a space that truly feels like home, ready to host life’s next chapters.

Photography by Gidon Levin photography
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- by Matt Watts