Chalet Ariasana: A Serene Alpine Retreat in Vals Platz, Switzerland

Chalet Ariasana, designed by Reidun Dolva Grand, stands as a haven in Vals Platz, Switzerland. This chalet, emerging from an extensive renovation, blends classic design elements with modern art within a warm alpine ambiance.

It’s the perfect retreat from everyday life, offering serene mountain views and a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Contemporary living room with wood stove, plush sofa, and vibrant art.
Cozy living room with modern furniture and wooden walls.
Dining room with green walls, black chairs, and a picture of an elephant
Scandinavian-style interior with a wooden table, chairs, and pale green walls
A cozy kitchen interior with sage green cabinets and wooden countertops.
Cozy reading nook with built-in shelving and gallery wall
Cozy minimalist bedroom with wooden floors and green walls.
A cozy bedroom with wooden floors, pastel green walls, and classic furniture.
Compact bedroom with arched windows and wooden floor.
A narrow bathroom with green walls, wooden floor, a white sink, and a
Narrow bathroom with wooden floors and green walls
Alpine chalet balcony with mountain view.
A wooden cabin overlooking a mountain village with alpine scenery.

About Chalet Ariasana

A Serene Alpine Sanctuary

Reidun Dolva Grand transformed Chalet Ariasana into a serene retreat that honors its original 1950s structure while incorporating modern design. Nestled in Vals Platz, Switzerland, this chalet now offers enhanced living spaces. These areas maximize the enchanting village and Alps views. French Grey woodwork pairs with classic design pieces, contemporary art, and handcrafted furniture, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

A Legacy of Relaxation and Beauty

For generations, Chalet Ariasana has been a family and friends’ gathering point, a quiet escape from the fast pace of life. The chalet invites guests to enjoy mountain magic, with tranquil village scenes and melodious church bells. Evenings at the chalet are a spectacle of starry skies and soft moonlit landscapes.

Embrace the Alpine Lifestyle

Chalet Ariasana encourages guests to immerse in the alpine lifestyle. Step away from city bustle, breathe in the rejuvenating mountain air, and embark on scenic hikes. It stands not just as a house but as a sanctuary for those seeking to savor life’s simple pleasures amidst nature’s tranquility.

Photography by Welcome Beyond
Architecture by Reidun Dolva Grand

- by Matt Watts