Casa Erendira: Garden-Focused Living in Michoacán, Mexico

Discover Casa Erendira, designed in 2023 by Pepe Ramírez in Mexico, a testament to luxury defined by spatial harmony, natural light, and craftsmanship. This architectural gem, catering to a mother and daughter, integrates Mexican culture, local materials, and lush vegetation to create a serene living experience.

Modern minimalist building with circular window and garden.
Modern interior with high ceiling, concrete walls, staircase, and designer furniture.
Contemporary kitchen with minimalist design and adjacent garden view.
Modern interior with high ceilings, concrete walls, and a person sitting by a large
Modern interior with exposed concrete ceiling and minimalist shelf by glass wall.
Modern interior with kitchen, bookshelves, and glass balcony overlooking a garden.
Modern interior with concrete walls, wooden stairs, and minimalist bookshelf.
Modern staircase with concrete steps and a metal handrail in a minimalist interior.
Modern bathroom with wooden accents, floating vanity, circular mirror, and walk-in shower

About Casa Erendira

Embracing Mexican Heritage through Architecture

Casa Erendira emerges as a masterpiece in 2023, crafted by the visionary Pepe Ramírez. Situated in Mexico, this abode tells a story of profound connection to local traditions and the natural world. A collaboration born from the aspirations of a mother and daughter duo, it is a sanctuary that celebrates Mexican culture, natural materials, and the artisanal spirit of Michoacán’s towns. Their vision? A home where luxury transcends material wealth, defined instead by the richness of space, light, and shadow.

A Space where Nature and Design Intertwine

The design thoughtfully incorporates open gardens, interior green spaces, and materials that speak of the earth’s warmth. At Casa Erendira, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur, inviting in the light and the verdant hues of native vegetation. It stands as an homage to tranquility, freedom, and harmony, seamlessly integrating with the landscape without imposing its presence.

Architectural Symmetry and Sustainability

Pepe Ramírez’s layout for Casa Erendira cleverly utilizes the plot’s dimensions (33 x 82 feet; 10 x 25 meters), dividing it into modular panels to maximize utility and aesthetic appeal. This modular approach not only respects the site’s natural characteristics but also promotes sustainability through the use of local materials and native plant species. The resultant design is a residence that not only provides thermal comfort and light but also a unique sense of mystery and discovery, ensuring the home remains a place of intrigue and beauty for years to come.

In bridging artisanal heritage with modern design principles, Casa Erendira stands as a beacon of thoughtful, culturally rich architecture. It is not just a house; it’s a testament to the beauty of embracing one’s roots while looking forward to the future of sustainable and meaningful living.

Photography by César Belio
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- by Matt Watts