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MYNZ3: A Duplex in Tel Aviv with Stunning Sea and City Views

Sleek monochromatic living space with a dog on the sofa.

Discover MYNZ3, a duplex apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN. Spanning 105 square meters, this property merges industrial charm with luxurious living. Its unique structure offers views of the sea, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv’s skyline. Studio ETN‘s innovative design includes a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms, enhancing hospitality and family life.

MR750: Transforming City Living in Tel Aviv with Studio ETN

FeaturedModern living room with minimalistic decor and a piano.

Discover MR750, a breathtaking apartment transformation in Tel Aviv, Israel, designed by Studio ETN in 2022. Transitioning from a spacious house, the client sought a city dwelling near family, leading to this 120 square meter space. Studio ETN reconceptualized it to cater to both living and hosting, integrating a versatile room and a luxurious master unit with distinct areas for practice, storage, and relaxation, all while embracing a classic material palette inspired by the client’s previous home.

JEK6: Redefining Space with Light and Luxury

Modern minimalist living room with neutral tones and clean lines.

JEK6, a five-room apartment in Jerusalem’s tranquil neighborhood, emerges anew under Studio ETN‘s vision.

Spanning 130 square meters (1399 square feet), this residence combines modern interior design with practical elegance. The transformation includes a bright, spacious living area, a luxurious master bedroom with a skylight-enhanced shower, and innovative storage solutions. Studio ETN‘s use of light oak, white nano laminate, and stone against Jerusalem’s cool backdrop creates a timeless, inviting space.

RTFP8: Tel Aviv’s Luxe Duplex with a Modern Twist

Modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows and cityscape view.

Studio ETN‘s RTFP8, a stunning duplex apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel, marries modern architecture with functionality. Designed in 2022 for a family returning from Berlin, this home features unique spaces like a children’s ‘tree house’ and a master bedroom with an innovative partition.

Highlighting creative uses of space, RTFP8 includes a simulated natural light fixture and a luxurious rooftop with a hot tub and outdoor kitchen, offering views of Dizengoff Street and Tel Aviv’s skyline.

KT5 Apartment by Studio ETN

KT5 Apartment by Studio ETN

KT5 Apartment is a modern 120 square meters (1292 sq ft) 5 bedrooms apartment located in Giv‘atayim, Israel. It was designed by Studio ETN in 2021 to fit the changing needs of a young family of five.

The apartment was designed to maximize public space with a neutral design and durable materials. It also has a versatile room to serve as a playroom, computer room, TV room, and additional storage. To complete the modern and minimalistic interior, the apartment has a secondary living room to the balcony overlooking the towers of the city.

NAO2 Apartment by Studio ETN

NAO2 Apartment by Studio ETN

Introducing the NAO2 Apartment, a modern 130-square-meter (1,399-square-foot) apartment located in one of the northern neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Designed by Studio ETN in 2022, this stunning family home of five plus two dogs was completely renovated, with the challenge of creating an open, accessible space with respectable passages in the public space while maintaining intimacy for all the apartment’s rooms.

The kitchen was designed as an integral part of the public space and classic shades in the spirit of modern design were used throughout the apartment. To maximize the beautiful view of Tel Aviv, neutral and calm furniture was selected to keep the view as unobstructed as possible.

NZ2 by Studio ETN

NZ2 by Studio ETN

Introducing NZ2, a modern house designed by Studio ETN and located in Ness Ziona, Israel.

This 250 square meter (2,690 square feet) house is spread over four levels, and offers plenty of space for a couple whose children left the nest. The first floor features the new, fully equipped kitchen with an interesting wooden covering and a two-sided partition with a fireplace. The second and third levels house two suites and the master suite respectively, and the fourth floor is a well-equipped home gym. Additionally, the garden features a deck and a eating area with travertine-like porcelain tiles.

Situated in the city of Ness Ziona, known for its technological contributions to Israel, this modern house is the perfect getaway for the couple.

YBN9 Apartment by Studio ETN

FeaturedYBN9 Apartment by Studio ETN

Welcome to YBN9 Apartment, a modern garden home located in Israel that was designed by Studio ETN in 2022.

Situated in a neighborhood with a rich cultural history that is over 100 years old, YBN9 Apartment is a 70 square meter (753 square feet) space that was redesigned to maximize its natural light and make the best use of the space. With a concept inspired by the “Swedish cottage in Japan”, the apartment features a minimalist storage library, an open concept kitchen, and a private master suite with a room for a future child.