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Torquay House: Serene Coastal Retreat in Australia

Contemporary wooden patio with glass walls, integrated outdoor area, and landscaped yard.

The Torquay House, designed by the architectural firm Buckandsimple, is a captivating Australian holiday home that caters to a range of guests, from singles to groups of 20. Situated in the coastal town of Torquay, this property was conceived in 2019 with a focus on the surfing lifestyle and outdoor activities.

The design prioritizes a centralized social hub, with an inwardly focused private oasis created through careful control of the building’s aspect and outlook. The project’s thoughtful material palette, featuring black weatherboards, earthly-toned tiles, and natural timber details, sets the stage for the surf-inspired lifestyle.

La Prua: Inside the Cliffside House with Stunning Sea Views

FeaturedSpacious, airy living room with vaulted ceiling, large windows overlooking the ocean.

La Prua, designed by Doori Architettura in 2019, is a house extension located near Genoa, Italy, that offers a unique blend of modern living and breathtaking sea views. This coastal retreat, situated on a cliffside overlooking the splendid Gulf of Tigullio, provides a sanctuary of tranquility. With its minimalist design, every room within La Prua showcases a thoughtful balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an ideal haven for sea lovers and those seeking a serene getaway.