Rio Mau House by Raulino Silva

Located in Vila do Conde, Portugal, Rio Mau House is a modern-single story residence designed by Raulino Silva.

Modern house with large windows, surrounded by a lawn and trees.
Contemporary house with large glass doors and a flat roof, amid lush lawn and
Contemporary house with large windows, overlooking a manicured lawn.
Minimalist living room with sofa, TV, and large window.
Minimalist living space with indirect lighting and neutral tones.
Contemporary open-plan living space with minimalist design and warm wood accents.
Minimalist living room with large windows and neutral tones.
Modern dining room with table, chairs, and large windows.
Modern kitchen interior with large island, pendant light, and minimalist design.
Modern kitchen interior with white cabinets, wooden accents, and pendant lights.
Contemporary bathroom with marble walls, vessel sinks, and wooden accents.
Modern bathroom with skylight, beige tiles, and minimalist fixtures.
Minimalist bedroom with floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a garden.
Minimalist nursery room with crib, sliding glass door, and garden view.

About Rio Mau House

Country Elegance: Rio Mau House

Nestled on the outskirts of Vila do Conde, the Rio Mau House stands proudly amidst the rural splendor. The property spans approximately 6800 square meters (roughly 1.68 acres), enveloped by lush fields and a serene pine forest near Serra de Rates.

An Architectural Symphony in Nature

The single-story family abode takes center stage in an expansive garden, its presence announced by majestic pines. The northern entrance beckons with an imposing porch and a pathway of black concrete, setting the tone for the grandeur within.

Inside the Rio Mau House

Stepping inside, the hallway provides a gateway to productivity in the office and functionality in the garage, complete with laundry and technical facilities. To the west, three bedrooms offer sanctuary, one a luxurious suite with a skylight-lit bathroom and a dressing room opening to a private patio. Meanwhile, the south zone unfolds into a vast expanse where the kitchen, dining, and living areas communicate seamlessly—transformable by two sliding doors.

The residence engages with the outdoors through a wooden deck, a shaded extension that blurs the lines between inside and out while shielding from the elements.

A Palette Inspired by Nature

Eschewing traditional white walls, Rio Mau House embraces a palette harmonizing with its surroundings. This unity of color, material, and ambiance is a deliberate design choice, crafting an integrated experience from the architecture to the garden and throughout the interior spaces.

Photography by João Morgado

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- by Matt Watts