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Valencia House: Countryside Retreat with Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Integration

FeaturedSleek, modern architecture with clean lines, wooden roof, and lush greenery surroundings.

Padovani Arquitetos‘ stunning Valencia House in Porto Feliz, Brazil, seamlessly blends contemporary design with the serene tranquility of the countryside. This carefully crafted 2021 summer retreat features spacious, permeable social areas that foster direct integration between the natural environment and the home’s interior. The green roofing and lightweight, horizontally-oriented architecture create a harmonious visual continuity with the surrounding landscape.

Lark House: Mid-Century Home Meets Contemporary Style

FeaturedCozy midcentury living room with wood-paneled ceiling, fireplace, and eclectic decor.

Explore the Lark House in Seattle, WA, a striking testimony of thoughtful architecture meeting modern functionality. Originally crafted by Al Bumgardner in 1958, this private house was redesigned in 2023 by SHED Architecture & Design. The renovation emphasizes openness, natural light, and scenic connections, seamlessly integrating historical reverence with contemporary living demands. From bespoke casework to a reimagined kitchen, each space harbors a blend of vintage allure and modern design.

Windermere Midcentury Renovation: Reimagining 1950s Charm

Spacious living room with modern furniture, built-in bookshelves, and natural light.

Discover the Windermere Midcentury Renovation by CAST architecture in Seattle, WA—a multi-unit housing gem that elegantly aligns the midcentury aesthetic with contemporary family living. This extensive renovation extends over 3,132 sq ft, incorporating an accessory dwelling unit and embracing the original home’s design to capture Mount Rainier’s breathtaking views. With a blend of intimate and public spaces, the project harmonizes classic elements with modern functionality, creating a timeless living space for a three-generation family.

Seattle Scandinavian: Modern Scandinavian House in Seattle

FeaturedContemporary two-story home with mixed-material facade and warm lighting.

Unveiling the Seattle Scandinavian: a private house masterfully designed by First Lamp Architects in 2020, located in Seattle, WA, United States. This unique residence marries the elegance of Scandinavian design with the distinct character of its Seattle neighborhood, reflecting the homeowners’ vision through key elements like a captivating screen wall and a contemporary fireplace.

The Perch: Inside the Urban Oasis with Courtyard Retreat

FeaturedModern two-story house with large windows and a motorcycle parked outside.

The Perch, designed by Chadbourne + Doss Architects in 2020, is a marvel of modern architecture nestled in Seattle, WA. This 5,500 sq ft private house, inspired by the Salish Sea’s forest, sea, and skies, combines rigorous architecture with materials chosen for their timeless durability. Offering expansive views, a central courtyard, and spaces adaptable for an active lifestyle, The Perch is a sanctuary that promises to age gracefully.

The Rambler: A Nature-Blended Home by GO’C

FeaturedThe Rambler: A Nature-Blended Home by GO’C

Discover The Rambler, a breathtaking 3-bedroom, 2-bath retreat located on the Kitsap Peninsula, northwest of Seattle. Designed by GO’C in 2022, this 1,700 square foot (158 square meters) residence embodies a fusion of local craftsmanship and the iconic Rambler style.

With a focus on integrating indoor and outdoor living, the home features a concrete base, full-height masonry walls, and a roof that doubles as an herb garden and stargazing terrace. The use of site-milled Douglas Fir and Cedar enhances its connection to the surrounding wooded landscape, offering a serene space for family gatherings, music, and art.

In-Kind House: Seattle’s Fusion of Japanese Style and Comfort

In-Kind House: Seattle’s Fusion of Japanese Style and Comfort

Step into the In-Kind House in Seattle, designed by GO’C in a stunning Japanese style. This serene home, nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, showcases an exquisite blend of modern architecture and natural beauty.

With a high shed roof and expansive windows, it bathes in natural light, while large doors open to a lush garden, extending the living space outdoors. Inside, the playful use of finishes and white-oak cabinetry brings a harmonious yet vibrant feel, epitomizing comfort and elegance in every corner.

Villanueva Residence: Contemporary Lakeview Living

Villanueva Residence: Contemporary Lakeview Living

Immerse yourself in the Villanueva Residence, a Cast Architecture masterpiece in Seattle’s Windermere neighborhood. This contemporary house, designed in 2021, offers expansive family living with breathtaking views of Lake Washington.

The home boasts a grand entry leading to versatile living spaces, where walls of windows illuminate warm, neutral textures, inviting both entertainment and tranquility. A modern kitchen opens to a deck, blending indoor elegance with outdoor leisure, while an artful staircase links to private retreats, including a serene primary suite with spa-like amenities.