Seattle Scandinavian: Modern Scandinavian House in Seattle

Unveiling the Seattle Scandinavian: a private house masterfully designed by First Lamp Architects in 2020, located in Seattle, WA, United States. This unique residence marries the elegance of Scandinavian design with the distinct character of its Seattle neighborhood, reflecting the homeowners’ vision through key elements like a captivating screen wall and a contemporary fireplace.

Contemporary two-story home with mixed-material facade and warm lighting.
Modern living room with fireplace, blue sofa, and wall art.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and a unique white pendant light.
Contemporary dining room with wooden table, black chairs, and minimalist decor.
Minimalist bathroom with wood walls, round mirror, and white basin.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden accents and a white bed.
Modern bathroom with a tub, white walls, wooden vanity, and greenery outside
Contemporary two-story home with wood and black paneling, and a cozy front
Contemporary wooden-clad home with a slanted roof and black garage.
Contemporary two-story home with wood and concrete exterior at dusk.

About Seattle Scandinavian

Discover the Essence of Scandinavian Design in Seattle

The Seattle Scandinavian project stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between Scandinavian design principles and the unique character of its Seattle setting. Designed by First Lamp Architects in 2020, this private residence is a beacon of modernity and understated elegance. At its heart, this home reflects a deep appreciation for Nordic simplicity, functionality, and beauty, tailored to the personal style of the homeowners and the distinct vibe of their neighborhood.

A Harmonious Blend of Structure and Aesthetics

Featuring an innovative architectural layout with two subtly offset gables, the Seattle Scandinavian distinguishes itself by achieving a distinctive massing. This strategic design choice not only enhances the home’s visual appeal but also cleverly separates the primary dwelling from an attached unit, creating a sense of harmony with the surrounding environment. Such thoughtful considerations in the design process ensure the structure both respects and enhances its context.

Interior Design: A Homeowner-Led Collaborative Effort

In an extraordinary collaboration, the homeowners played a pivotal role in the interior design, bringing their vision to life in concert with First Lamp Architects. Key interior features, including a mesmerizing screen wall alongside the staircase and a sleek, contemporary fireplace, echo the profound influence of Scandinavian design principles. These elements are not merely decorative but are imbued with functional beauty, promoting a serene and sophisticated living space.

Through every detail, the Seattle Scandinavian project exemplifies how traditional Scandinavian design motifs can be reinterpreted within a different cultural context. The result is a dwelling that stands as a paragon of refined modernity, proving that beauty lies in simplicity, functionality, and a deep connection to one’s surroundings.

Photography courtesy of First Lamp Architects
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- by Matt Watts