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Seattle Scandinavian: Modern Scandinavian House in Seattle

FeaturedContemporary two-story home with mixed-material facade and warm lighting.

Unveiling the Seattle Scandinavian: a private house masterfully designed by First Lamp Architects in 2020, located in Seattle, WA, United States. This unique residence marries the elegance of Scandinavian design with the distinct character of its Seattle neighborhood, reflecting the homeowners’ vision through key elements like a captivating screen wall and a contemporary fireplace.

Lake Tapps Residence: Architectural Elegance Meets Mount Rainier Views

FeaturedModern house with illuminated windows at twilight, surrounded by trees.

Unveiling the Lake Tapps Residence, a private home in Pierce County, WA, designed by First Lamp Architects in 2023. This architectural masterpiece stands on a steep slope, harmoniously integrating with the natural landscape to offer breathtaking views of Lake Tapps and Mount Rainier, embodying a connection with nature through its material choice and innovative window designs.

Herron Island Cabin: A Sanctuary Amidst Nature by First Lamp Architects

Sleek house nestled among trees with a view of a lake at dusk.

Discover the Herron Island Cabin, designed by First Lamp Architects in 2016, nestled in the secluded beauty of Pierce County, WA. This private house serves as an architectural homage to solitude, drawing inspiration from its isolated setting in the embrace of Case Inlet. With a design narrative that celebrates detachment, the cabin offers a compelling retreat from daily life, inviting occupants to reconnect with nature’s rhythms through meticulously crafted spaces.