Summer House by Kapsimalis Architects

Situated in Messaria, Santorini, Greece, this contemporary summer house was designed in 2016 by Kapsimalis Architects.

Striking modern architecture featuring geometric white facade, large windows, and spacious outdoor areas.
Bright, modern living room with open floor plan, large windows, and contemporary furnishings.
Spacious modern living room with minimalist decor, concrete floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Minimalist kitchen with sleek white cabinets, wooden dining table, and pendant lighting.
Modern minimalist foyer with white walls, marble stairs, and glass railing.
Spacious, minimalist bedroom with large window, cozy striped bedspread, and modern furnishings.
Bright, minimalist living space with sleek stone steps and open doorway framing outdoor scene.
Minimalist, open-concept space with a tall palm tree, contemporary furnishings, and a scenic view.
A minimalist outdoor terrace with a wooden dining table, white chairs, and potted plants.
Striking modern residence with clean lines, open layout, and lush landscaping.
A modernist white building with geometric shapes, surrounded by lush greenery.

About Summer House

Welcoming Modern Retreat in Santorini

Situated on the outskirts of Messaria village in Santorini, this summer house enjoys a prime location with views stretching northeast towards the sea and south over the quaint village of Pirgos and the encompassing mountains. It perfectly marries the stunning natural landscape with architectural grace.

Clever Design and Spatial Harmony

Centrally positioned on the plot and favoring the west side, the house optimizes space for a lush southeast-facing garden and a north-facing entrance. Structurally, the house is a study in efficient design, boasting a ground floor, an upper floor, and a subtle basement storage space. Upon entering, the ground floor unfolds into a welcoming living room, kitchen, and dining area, alongside two en-suite guest bedrooms, establishing a realm of comfort and hospitality. The journey continues upward to the upper floor, home to the master bedroom with its own dressing room and bathroom, and a child’s bedroom, each designed with privacy and tranquility in mind. A central staircase elegantly links the floors, promoting visual and physical flow throughout the home.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

The architects envisioned a space that blurs the lines between the interior and the exterior, focusing on a communal area around a palm tree, encouraging a seamless flow between spaces. This design choice creates a central, open communal area, framed by more private, enclosed blocks that house bedrooms and functional units like storage and fireplaces. The strategic arrangement of these blocks enhances spatial perception, light flow, and creates intimate nooks for sitting and studying, all while facilitating better natural illumination through strategically placed patios and skylights.

Views and Architectural Dynamics

In the common areas, a variety of viewpoints and visual connections emerge, thanks to the thoughtful positioning of structural blocks. These elements not only demarcate living spaces but also form the building’s distinctive roofline. This arrangement fosters a mix of communal and private areas, extending outward into the garden, enclosed by a white perimeter wall. The architectural form, a contemporary nod to Santorini’s traditional cubic architecture with a modernist influence, achieves a peaceful coexistence between the building and its environment.

Sustainable Design and Microclimate Enhancement

The construction emphasizes eco-friendliness and sustainability, using materials like reinforced concrete, insulated bricks, and white wooden energy-efficient windows and doors. Gortynis grey marble and grey cement plaster floors contribute to the home’s cool environment, ideal for summer. Orientation and vegetation are meticulously planned to enhance the microclimate, offering natural cooling and shading. The minimalist design approach extends inside, with furnishings and interior design seamlessly integrating into the overall aesthetic.

This summer house stands as a testament to a design that balances modern living with environmental consideration and spatial elegance, making it a perfect sanctuary in the breathtaking landscape of Santorini.

Photography by Julia Klimi

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- by Matt Watts