Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment: A Valencia Marvel

Discover the Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment in Valencia, Spain, designed by Mario Montesinos Marco in 2022. This real estate marvel blends neoclassical charm with futuristic design, embodying the aftermath of an unconventional UFO crash. This apartment revitalizes traditional architecture with a posthuman twist, offering a glimpse into a world where past meets future.

A modern, minimalist kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, ample counter space, and a large central table.
Modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, glass-enclosed appliances, and a tiled floor.
Expansive white hallway with ornate ceiling, industrial lighting, and patterned tile floor.
A beautifully renovated kitchen with ornate ceiling and patterned tile flooring.
Spacious room with ornate molding, tiled floors, and a modern light fixture.
Spacious, industrial-style bathroom with curtain partitions, tiled floors, and modern fixtures.
A minimalist, white-toned bedroom with a built-in closet and tile flooring.
Modern industrial-style bathroom with glass walls, sliding door, and gray tiled surfaces.
A minimalist bathroom with sleek gray tiles, a stainless steel vanity, and subtle lighting.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek tile, a glass shower, and a stainless steel sink.

About Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment

A Fusion of Worlds: Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment

In the heart of Valencia, an event unfolded that blurred the lines between historical elegance and futuristic innovation. An old neoclassical building, known for its architectural beauty, became the unexpected host to a UFO crash. This incident, far from ordinary, brought to life the Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment. Designed by Mario Montesinos Marco in 2022, this apartment now stands as a testament to an extraordinary fusion of styles.

The crash had a transformative impact. High ceilings and large windows were preserved, yet the interior saw a remarkable evolution. Walls, now with laser-carved-like cracks, and shattered decorative moldings introduced an otherworldly aesthetic. The resulting openness illuminated the space, revealing intricate mosaic floors among the chaos.

The unexpected arrival of an AI-driven spaceship initiated a melding of dimensions. Spaces began to curve, introducing glass and metal elements that shimmered in daylight. The apartment transformed into an interdimensional gateway, with metal, glass, and plastic curtains serving as portals. These changes not only redefined the apartment’s anatomy but merged neoclassical and posthumanist designs in an unprecedented way.

Remarkably, the AI’s presence pioneered a high-tech laboratory within the apartment. Advanced tools and machinery, alongside the remains of the spacecraft, became integral to experimenting with new life forms. This laboratory became a crucible for innovation, crafting technologies and anthropomorphic forms unseen before.

The Posthuman Crash in a Neoclassical Apartment marks a new chapter in architectural design. It narrates a story of resilience, innovation, and the harmonious blend of contrasting worlds. This space doesn’t just embody the fusion of architectural styles; it symbolizes the limitless possibilities when the past and future converge in the present.

Through this project, Mario Montesinos Marco has not only repaired a structure but has crafted a beacon of inclusivity and non-binary architecture. It stands as a vibrant exhibit of how diversity in design can forge new paths for living and thinking, forever altering the landscape of residential architecture in Valencia.

Photography by Luís Beltrán
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- by Matt Watts