Murvica Res(p)ort: Modern Living on Croatia’s Brac Island

Located in the picturesque village of Murvica on Croatia’s Island of Brac, Murvica Res(p)ort by Namore offers a modern twist on traditional charm. This 2023 apartment building masterfully blends historic stone structures with contemporary design, creating a serene retreat with breathtaking views of the turquoise Adriatic Sea.

Charming stone cottage with green shutters, potted plants, and a bike rack on the patio.
Cozy stone-walled living room with plush gray sectional, round woven pouf, and scenic window.
Cozy stone-walled room with large windows offering stunning sea views, minimalist furnishings.
Minimalist kitchenette in a stone-walled room, with a cozy seating area and decor.
Modern, minimalist studio apartment with sleek gray cabinets, wooden accents, and a ladder decoration.
Cozy bedroom in stone cottage with window overlooking scenic landscape.
Modern studio apartment with wooden ladder, stone wall, and minimalist decor.
Cozy stone-walled bedroom with panoramic ocean view through large window.
Elegant outdoor seating area with scenic ocean backdrop and lush foliage.
Rustic stone building with green shutters and a winding staircase leading up.
Picturesque village nestled in lush mountains, with rustic stone buildings, terraces, and foliage.
A picturesque outdoor dining area with modern furnishings overlooking a scenic vista.
Idyllic stone-walled complex with illuminated pool and patio against a forest backdrop.

About Murvica Res(p)ort

On Croatia’s Island of Brac, Murvica Res(p)ort combines historical charm with modern design. This retreat offers stunning views of the azure sea and a turquoise beach. Just 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from Bol and the famous Zlatni Rat beach, it provides a perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility.

Nine Unique Living Spaces

Murvica Res(p)ort features nine distinct units, each blending heritage with modernity. One standout unit includes a cave, transformed into a unique living space. Historic stone walls meet sleek microcement floors and custom furniture. Natural, neutral palettes enhance ancient structures and blue sea views.

Design That Inspires Activity

The resort incorporates sports-themed design elements. Locker room-inspired wardrobes and double showers motivate guests to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and diving.

Luxurious Outdoor Amenities

The expansive garden provides stunning sea views. Outdoor amenities include a BBQ area, jacuzzi, and a sauna with a glazed facade. Guests can relax in dedicated lounge areas and a chill and yoga space for mindfulness.

The Renovation Journey

The renovation process preserved the village’s cultural heritage while integrating contemporary design. This careful balance honors tradition and innovation, creating luxurious living spaces that respect the island’s rich history.

Unique Living Units

Cave Unit

This cave apartment blends organic architecture with modern design. A natural rock forms a seating nook, merging with the surroundings. A minimalist cubicle houses the kitchen and bathroom. The sleeping gallery offers views of the cave and sea.

Nest Unit

This compact apartment combines tradition with modernity. The minimalist black kitchen emphasizes efficiency. The dining area offers optimal views. The bathroom features a double shower, inspired by locker room design, blending sportiness with retreat.

Small Space Solutions

Each smaller unit maximizes space with clever design. Sleeping nooks offer stunning sea views. Bathrooms double as functional kitchenettes and storage spaces. This approach ensures a blend of form and function, aligning with the property’s design ethos.

Swanky Duplex

This duplex features a sleeping gallery with sea views, suspended above multifunctional furniture. This design optimizes space and creates a cohesive aesthetic, blending functionality with panoramic vistas.

Photography by Marin Trebotic

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- by Matt Watts