Penthouse One-11 by Milano Contract District

Located in Milan, Italy, Penthouse One-11 is a spacious penthouse apartment designed in 2016 by Milano Contract District.

Spacious modern living room with sleek furniture, large windows, and an artistic fireplace design.
Sleek, modern loft with floor-to-ceiling windows, geometric lighting, and a sculptural staircase.
Modern interior with sleek glass staircase, cozy seating, and industrial decor.
A modern, open-concept living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, creative lighting, and unique furnishings.
Sleek modern kitchen with marble flooring, wooden dining table, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Spacious modern bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, neutral color palette, and statement furniture.
Sleek, modern bathroom design with freestanding tub, vessel sinks, and recessed lighting.
Modern urban oasis with lush green spaces, architectural details, and well-designed landscaping.
Modern, wavy apartment buildings with glass balconies and wooden accents, surrounded by greenery.

About Penthouse One-11

Located in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, Penthouse One-11 embodies a sleek, contemporary design crafted by Milano Contract District in 2016. This penthouse apartment stands out with its innovative architecture and sophisticated interior design, offering a premium urban living experience.

Architectural Brilliance

As you approach Penthouse One-11, the building’s striking modern façade captivates with its fluid, dynamic forms that harmonize beautifully with the urban landscape. The exterior’s white, flowing balconies contrast sharply against the clear blue sky, inviting residents and guests into a world of refined elegance.

Entering the Urban Oasis

The main living area greets visitors with its open, airy design, where natural light floods through large windows, illuminating the subtle textures and clean lines of the furniture. A minimalist approach with neutral colors enhances the sense of space, making the living room not just a place to relax, but a canvas for personal expression.

Transitioning seamlessly to the kitchen, functionality meets style. The space is equipped with high-end appliances, set against white cabinetry and a robust wooden dining table that anchors the room. Here, practicality and style coexist, making it perfect for both casual dining and entertaining guests.

Private Spaces for Comfort and Creativity

The bedrooms of Penthouse One-11 offer a personal retreat with a focus on tranquility and modern comfort. The master bedroom features a plush, king-sized bed with high-quality linens, complemented by modern art and soft lighting, creating a soothing atmosphere.

In contrast, the bathrooms showcase bold modernity with their sleek fixtures and striking color contrasts. Advanced design elements ensure that each space feels like a private spa, offering both luxury and relaxation.

Concluding with the penthouse’s rooftop garden, residents can enjoy a private escape with panoramic views of Milan. This outdoor area blends lush greenery with modern landscaping, offering a peaceful haven amidst the bustling city life.

Penthouse One-11 not only provides luxurious living spaces but also stands as a beacon of contemporary design in Milan. Its thoughtful layout and cutting-edge amenities set a new standard for residential architecture in one of Italy’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Photography by CityLife

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- by Matt Watts