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Xixi Wetland Estate: Pritzker Laureate’s Masterful Residence in Hangzhou

Spacious modern living room with natural stone walls, leather sofas, and minimalist decor.

Xixi Wetland Estate, a captivating residential project in Hangzhou, China, showcases the innovative design of Pritzker laureate David Chipperfield. Blending seamlessly with the natural landscape, the volcanic rock structure creates a striking counterpoint to the serene wetland environment. This collaboration between Huang Zhiyong Design and the homeowner explores the harmonious relationship between habitation and nature, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region.

28.0855: Blending Mexican Vernacular and Japanese Aesthetics

A rustic stone entryway with a modern wooden doorway, surrounded by lush landscaping.

Tucked away in the lush Tapalpa highlands of Mexico, the captivating 28.0855 house by Van Van Atelier seamlessly blends traditional Mexican and Japanese design elements. This multifunctional retreat offers a serene oasis of rest and contemplation, where inhabitants experience a direct connection with nature and water. Featuring a harmonious interplay of stone walls, curved accents, and tranquil water features, the project showcases a thoughtful, sustainable approach that honors its picturesque surroundings.

Mountain House: Exploring Eva Rubio’s Spanish Architectural Gem

Rustic, cozy living room with exposed stone walls, wood beam ceiling, and modern furnishings.

Crafted by the talented Spanish architect Eva Rubio, the Mountain House in Teruel, Spain, is a stunning example of contemporary residential design. Completed in 2021, this modern house seamlessly blends its mountainous surroundings, offering a serene and sustainable living experience. With its clean lines, efficient layout, and strategic use of natural materials, the Mountain House showcases Rubio’s keen eye for harmonizing architecture with the breathtaking landscape.

Dammuso Renovation: Bright Light and Airy Design in Sicily

Stone buildings with whitewashed roofs nestled in rugged, lush terrain overlooking the sea.

Bornelloworkshop‘s stunning Dammuso Renovation project in Trapani, Sicily, Italy, showcases the beauty of traditional Mediterranean architecture blended with contemporary design. This house renovation seamlessly combines bright light, black stone, and white lime to create a crisp yet warm living space, with doors and windows that open wide to embrace the breathtaking sea views. The tall ceilings and carefully curated design elements elevate this Sicilian retreat, offering a serene and tranquil escape.

Glentora: Discover Brennan Furlong’s Stunning Irish Coastal Retreat

Modern two-story home with stone facade, large windows, and minimalist design elements.

Brennan Furlong Architects, a renowned architectural firm, has recently unveiled their latest masterpiece – the Glentora, a stunning house nestled on the slopes of Howth Head in Dublin, Ireland. Designed in 2023, this new dwelling seamlessly blends traditional Irish architectural influences with a contemporary, innovative approach, creating a harmonious and visually striking structure that beautifully integrates with its natural surroundings.

Boasting a unique three-volume composition, the Glentora showcases Brennan Furlong’s exceptional design prowess, offering a captivating fusion of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and a deep respect for the rich cultural heritage of its coastal location.