Inside Out House by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

Step into the distinctive realm of the Inside Out House, an enchanting embodiment of tranquility and modern design, nestled on the fringes of bustling Bangalore, India. Designed by the acclaimed Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects, this residential masterpiece seamlessly interweaves brick and traditional design elements to craft a private universe within its solid exterior. From its enchanting garden views to the poignant interplay of light and shadow within, this house offers a serene retreat from the relentless pace of city life, fostering a deeper connection with the self.

The Inside Out House‘s design gently dissolves conventional boundaries, encouraging an immersive experience that resonates with contemplative solitude. Its unique configuration enhances the fluid transition between spaces, allowing the residents to fully engage with the property’s soothing aesthetics and the surrounding natural splendor. Such a remarkable blend of design philosophy and architectural prowess, this house is a testament to the transformative potential of residential spaces.

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About Inside Out House

Welcome to the Inside Out House: A Dream Materialized

The Inside Out House embodies the dreams of escape – escape from urban congestion and chaos, and the pursuit of tranquility, self-discovery, and cherished memories nestled in nature’s embrace.

Nestled on the outskirts of Bangalore, this unique home caters to a young family yearning for an urban escape while maintaining an undeniable connection to the city. The Inside Out House is not merely a retreat but a reflection of the urban duality: the beauty and brutality of city living.

Architectural Intersection: Romance Meets Brutalism

The Inside Out House resides at this juncture, seamlessly blending the romantic and brutal aspects of architectural design. A visually commanding structure, it dominates the site, its external walls stretching out to contain a world within. This striking white volume is punctuated by enigmatic bands of brick and raw concrete, coiling around this architectural monolith. The main interruption in this structure is a combined car park and entrance area on the northwest side, adding a subtle welcoming gesture.

The Entry: Gateway to the Inner Sanctuary

A concrete box situated at the northeast corner introduces guests to the home. It leads to a sprawling Living Room that flows alongside a vast garden. Both the garden and the floor gently ascend to the Dining Area, which is flanked by a narrower, yet elongated garden. The Kitchen occupies the southeast corner of the home, while a bedroom overlooking the garden nestles in the southwest corner.

Redefining Spatial Dynamics: The Mezzanine and Beyond

The dining area is home to a broad staircase that inverts the home’s flow, leading back to the Living Room and on to the Mezzanine. This unique space bridges the gardens below and houses a Family Room and Guest Bedroom. Rooftop gardens atop the garage and living room converge with the expansive garden below, creating an open-air oasis in the more communal northern section of the house.

Elevated Family Spaces and the Heart of the House

A short walk up from the Family Room unveils the Family Bedrooms on the first floor. The Son’s Bedroom perches above the main staircase, overlooking the Living Room’s roof garden and the Family Room. Meanwhile, the Master Bedroom Suite encircles the smaller garden below, serving as the intimate and private heart of the house.

The service area, complete with utility and caretaker’s quarters, situates itself in the southeast portion of the house, across both floors.

Inside Out: A Sensory and Emotional Journey

Contrasting with its rugged exterior, the interior of the Inside Out House exudes softness, delicacy, and a rich, tactile experience. The fluidity of spaces dissolves boundaries, relinquishing any defined bearings. Brick walls shape its transitions and overlaps, calibrating each space and binding the myriad experiences into a unified memory. Their dotted light patterns, paired with sunlight streaming through the treetops, animate the house, breathing life into its form.

This interior sanctuary distances itself from superficial aspirations, providing a safe haven for deep thoughts to wander and resonate until they find comfort within you, and in turn, until you find comfort within yourself.

The Inside Out House: A Symbol of Our Times

The Inside Out House ventures beyond the grasp of imagery and tangible definitions that define our modern lives. It aims to reawaken the ‘inner’ self, where feelings and intuition are honored. Serving as an allegory for our contemporary existence, this house presents a paradigm shift in understanding and interacting with our living spaces. It’s a reminder of the power of introspection and the fundamental importance of the home as a personal sanctuary.

Final Thoughts: A House as a Space for Being

In essence, the Inside Out House doesn’t just offer a roof over one’s head – it provides an introspective journey, a rejuvenating escape, and a sensory experience that resonates deeply with its inhabitants. By aligning architectural design with the exploration of the self, the Inside Out House breaks away from traditional notions, thereby offering a thought-provoking perspective on the way we live and interact with our homes today. This house challenges us to reconsider the essence of a home and encourages us to find tranquility, self-discovery, and comfort within its walls. The Inside Out House stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful, purpose-driven architectural design.

Photography courtesy of Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

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- by Matt Watts