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Inwood Residence: Sustainable Family Home in Rollingwood

FeaturedA modern, wood-clad house with a wide porch and large windows nestled among tall trees.

Situated in the picturesque town of Rollingwood, Texas, the Inwood Residence showcases the exceptional design work of A Parallel Architecture. This single-family home, built in 2020, sits on a gently sloping one-acre lot, offering sweeping views of the rolling hills of West Austin. With a focus on integrating the residence with its verdant landscape and cherished street, the architects have crafted a thoughtful and harmonious living space that caters to the needs of a young family of four.

Slate House: Sustainable High-End Living in Brighton

FeaturedModern residential home with red brick and gray-colored exterior, surrounded by trees.

Slate House, a new three-level, high-performing, and high-end apartment building in the bayside suburb of Brighton, Melbourne, Australia, was designed by the renowned architecture firm Austin Maynard Architects. Responding to the developers’ brief to create beautiful, thoughtful, refined, and efficient homes, the design is a careful articulation of built form that fits gently within the street’s character, sensitive to the size and presence of neighboring properties.

ME House: Innovating with Natural Materials

Modern house with open-plan living area, wooden slats, and concrete exterior.

Unveiling the ME House in Asunción, Paraguay: a masterpiece by Equipo de Arquitectura that redefines living with natural materials. This two-story haven marries industrial chic with nature’s touch, featuring brick, concrete, and wood accents. Its design maximizes natural light, encourages cross ventilation, and embraces greenery, ensuring every corner breathes comfort and sustainability.

Tree House: A Brick Beauty in London’s Ealing

Modern house with brick facade and large windows next to traditional homes.

Step into the Ealing marvel, a two-bedroom home in London, UK, ingeniously crafted by Fletcher Crane Architects. Embracing a unique brick design, this 2021 project, named Tree House, transforms a former garage site into a striking blend of grey brick, black timber, and sleek metalwork. The interior echoes this raw elegance with ash joinery and terrazzo tiles, ensuring a seamless flow of design from the outside in.

Perfect for those who admire architectural ingenuity and the play of natural light within urban confines.

Lowater House: A Riverside Brick Beauty in Marlow

Modern brick house with large glass windows and manicured lawn.

In the heart of Marlow, United Kingdom, Lowater House stands as a masterpiece by Fletcher Crane Architects, effortlessly blending with the historic charm of its riverside setting. This architectural gem, directly overlooking the Thames, showcases a unique red brick design across two levels, comprising three distinct pitched forms.

With a design that embraces the river and mirrors local architectural traditions, Lowater offers a serene haven, featuring a courtyard with reflective pool views and a design that beautifully merges indoor and outdoor spaces.

Glass Brick Dwelling: Modernizing Rural China

Modern brick house with patterned facade and large windows, set in a lush garden

Discover the transformation of rural housing with the Glass Brick Dwelling in Weinan, Shaanxi, China. Designed by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd, this project revolutionizes traditional homes into modern, eco-friendly habitats. By integrating green technologies and maintaining cultural heritage, it offers a sustainable and economical solution for rural revitalization.

Explore how this renovation incorporates large-area hollow glass bricks, photovoltaic panels, and rainwater purification systems to enhance life quality in rural China.

Brickyard: A Modern Legacy Home in Chicago

FeaturedModern two-story brick house with large trees and a fence.

Brickyard, a remarkable house designed by dSPACE Studio, redefines luxury and sustainability in Chicago. This modern, eco-friendly home features an innovative perforated brick wall, offering privacy and natural light in perfect harmony. Equipped with state-of-the-art solar panels and a green roof, Brickyard stands as a testament to future-proof living in Chicago’s vibrant urban setting.