Inwood Residence: Sustainable Family Home in Rollingwood

Situated in the picturesque town of Rollingwood, Texas, the Inwood Residence showcases the exceptional design work of A Parallel Architecture. This single-family home, built in 2020, sits on a gently sloping one-acre lot, offering sweeping views of the rolling hills of West Austin. With a focus on integrating the residence with its verdant landscape and cherished street, the architects have crafted a thoughtful and harmonious living space that caters to the needs of a young family of four.

A modern, wood-clad house with a wide porch and large windows nestled among tall trees.
Modern, open-concept home with a pool overlooking lush greenery and a cloudy sky.
An expansive living space with floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden furnishings, and a modern, open-concept design.
Sleek, modern kitchen with large windows, wooden cabinetry, and black countertops.
Sleek modern kitchen with expansive windows overlooking lush greenery outside.
Expansive glass walls offer panoramic views of the lush forest surroundings. Wooden dining table and chairs create a warm, modern aesthetic.
Spacious bedroom with wooden accent wall, built-in shelving, and expansive views.
Minimalist modern interior with sweeping forest views, comfortable armchair, and wooden accents.
Modern home with brick exterior, large windows, and mature tree canopy providing shade.
Modern two-story home with floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete walls, and lush garden.
Modern two-story home with expansive glass walls, covered patio, and pool surrounded by trees.
A modern two-story home with a sleek exterior, large windows, and a wraparound balcony.

About Inwood Residence

Nestled in the Serene Hills of Rollingwood

Situated along a tranquil circular drive in Rollingwood, Texas, the Inwood Residence occupies a gently sloping one-acre (0.4 hectare) lot, offering breathtaking views of the rolling hills of West Austin. Designed in 2020, this project by A Parallel Architecture was conceived as a thoughtful response to the clients’ cherished landscape and their unique family dynamics.

A Sanctuary Amid Nature

Deliberately low-profile from the street, the hunkered brick walls of the Inwood Residence provide privacy and sanctuary for the children’s bedrooms while concealing the garage from public view. Once inside, a pair of soaring, voluminous light monitors celebrate the respective family and guest entrances, creating a sense of grandeur and welcome.

Seamless Integration with the Landscape

Flanking the central carved spaces, a wood and glass sleeping wing floats free from the receding landscape and is carefully nestled within the tree canopy that lines the nearby creek edge. Conversely, a secondary glass wing reaches out towards the distant view, offering stunning 180-degree vistas from the kitchen, living, and dining room.

Thoughtful Design and Durable Materials

Additionally, a family den, screened porch, and covered family patio are carefully tucked below, doubling the livable space of the modest one-story home above. The home’s exterior is clad in locally sourced, FSC-certified wood siding, complemented by Roman brick masonry and weathering steel. These durable and low-maintenance materials ensure the Inwood Residence will stand the test of time, both in material integrity and as a cherished object that will endure for generations.

Photography courtesy of A Parallel Architecture
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- by Matt Watts