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Greenbelt Residence: Cantilevered Home Harmonizes with Nature

A contemporary house with clean lines, large windows, and a covered outdoor seating area.

This stunning residence in Austin, Texas, designed by the acclaimed Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, seamlessly blends modern architecture with the serene natural surroundings. The Greenbelt Residence, a house situated on a cliff overlooking a lush greenbelt, offers a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience, with a cantilevered design that celebrates the breathtaking views. Locally sourced materials, including custom Leuders limestone brick and hemlock wood siding, create a refined and cohesive aesthetic, while an abundance of large windows and strategic lighting ensure a balanced and calming interior.

Inwood Residence: Sustainable Family Home in Rollingwood

FeaturedA modern, wood-clad house with a wide porch and large windows nestled among tall trees.

Situated in the picturesque town of Rollingwood, Texas, the Inwood Residence showcases the exceptional design work of A Parallel Architecture. This single-family home, built in 2020, sits on a gently sloping one-acre lot, offering sweeping views of the rolling hills of West Austin. With a focus on integrating the residence with its verdant landscape and cherished street, the architects have crafted a thoughtful and harmonious living space that caters to the needs of a young family of four.

Radial House: Embracing Lakeside Living in Austin

Striking modern architecture featuring sleek glass facades, a pool, and lush landscaping.

Situated in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Radial House designed by A Parallel Architecture is a captivating residential gem that seamlessly blends modern architecture with its lush natural surroundings. This single-family home, completed in 2016, takes full advantage of its prime lakefront location, offering sweeping views and an intimate connection with the verdant woods, rocky promontories, and meandering waterways that characterize the site.

Canopy House: Fluid Indoor-Outdoor Design Amid Oak Tree Canopy

Modern single-story home with clean lines, warm wood accents, and a covered entry porch.

Situated in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Canopy House by A Parallel Architecture showcases an innovative approach to sustainable, custom single-family design. Leveraging the site’s existing mature trees, the project employs a large, strategically oriented canopy structure to create a series of shaded outdoor living spaces, effectively doubling the home’s livable square footage while minimizing its environmental impact.

Water’s Edge Residence: Sustainable Design in Hot, Humid Texas Climate

FeaturedA modern, open-concept lakefront home with wood and stone exterior, large windows, and a tree-lined view.

Located in Austin, Texas, the Water’s Edge Residence, designed by A Parallel Architecture in 2021, is a house that defies the typical lakeside development formula. With a focus on value, durability, and experience, this project offers a refreshing alternative to the grandeur and ostentation often found in the region’s high-end properties.

Situated on the shores of Lake Austin, the home celebrates connectivity to the water and provides flexible public spaces for the owners’ charitable endeavors.

West Lynn Residence: Reimagining Historic Home with Modern Addition

FeaturedA large, modern home with a pool, expansive glass walls, and a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements.

The West Lynn Residence in Austin, Texas, designed by A Parallel Architecture, is a captivating blend of historic preservation and modern design. This 2022 project showcases the architects’ ability to seamlessly integrate a run-down Georgian Revival-style home with a sleek, contemporary addition, creating a striking juxtaposition of architectural eras. The result is a harmonious, high-performance residence that respects the past while embracing the future.