Zarrow Residence: Inside the Chic, Modern Houston Transformation

Discover the Zarrow Residence, a 2023 masterpiece by Arc Three located in Houston, Texas. This house combines exquisite craftsmanship with a sophisticated urban design. From the stained white oak cabinetry to the prominent polished quartzite, each space within this high-rise condo delves into luxurious modernity and diverse cultural aesthetics.

Warm, modern interior with built-in wood shelving, TV console, and soft furnishings.
A modern living room with wooden cabinetry, stylish furnishings, and a striking zebra-print artwork.
A modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, marble countertops, and a stylish rug on the floor.
Sleek modern kitchen with natural wood cabinetry, marble backsplash, and minimalist decor.
Warm-toned, midcentury-inspired interior with wooden built-in shelving and cozy armchairs.
Sleek modern vanity with white countertop, wood drawers, and plush furry stool.
A spacious, organized walk-in closet with wooden cabinetry, ample hanging space, and a patterned rug.
Sleek modern bathroom with marble tiles, glass shower, and wooden vanity drawers.
Sleek and modern bathroom design with marble walls, built-in tub, and minimalist fixtures.

About Zarrow Residence

Perched high within a Houston high-rise, the Zarrow Residence stands as a testament to modern renovation. Designed in 2023 by Arc Three, this condo transformation in Houston, Texas, merges meticulous craftsmanship with the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Beginning in the living room, stained white oak cabinetry presents a refined backdrop, complementing the airy space that flows with natural light. Artifacts from world travels adorn the room, telling tales as captivating as the city below.

A Culinary Transformation

Transitioning to the kitchen, we witness a revitalization that honors function and beauty. Polished quartzite counters bounce light across sleek cabinetry, as culinary creations likely echo the owners’ global adventures. As the heart of the home, the kitchen exudes warmth, integrating modern amenities and textures for a space as welcoming as a breakfast nook.

Intimate Corners & Luxurious Retreats

The narrative continues into a cozy lounge, where custom shelving brims with more international keepsakes. In the primary bathroom, clean lines and quartzite surfaces create a sanctuary of serenity. Richly patterned rugs lead to the primary closet where fashion meets function. Finally, a sumptuously appointed bath beckons for a moment of reprieve, completing this urban dwelling’s journey from outdated to outstanding.

Photography by Kerry Kirk
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- by Matt Watts