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Project 58: A Barefoot Luxury Experience in Bengaluru

FeaturedProject 58: A Barefoot Luxury Experience in Bengaluru

Introducing Project 58 – a two-story house located in Bengaluru, India, designed by The Purple Ink Studio in 2022.

The house reflects a blend of contexts coming together and is designed as an immersive experience for one to reflect upon and enjoy the spontaneity of the surrounding environment. The material design palette reflects the client’s appreciation for natural materials and narrative art pieces. With fixed elements of Indian origin and movable furniture sourced from all over the globe, the house is layered in an interesting manner with all the design elements. The house has several entertainment zones, including a family cum theatre space planned at the Terrace level.

Ksaraah by Taliesyn – Design & Architecture

Ksaraah by Taliesyn – Design & Architecture

Introducing Ksaraah, a weekend retreat located in Bengaluru, India, designed by Taliesyn – Design & Architecture in 2021. The two-storey residence is perched atop the site’s highest level, framed by views of the majestic Savandurga Hill, one of the largest monolith hills in Asia. This one-of-a-kind real estate project blends harmoniously with its lush surroundings, creating a serene atmosphere with limitless opportunities for its inhabitants.

The design intervention is focused on creating adaptable, multi-use communal spaces while remaining respectful of the local community and landscape. It ensures minimum deviation from the existing landscape while providing a space with its own distinct identity. With its sleek exterior staircase, feature stone wall, and a pool as its epicentre, Ksaraah is a perfect example of modern architecture and design style.

Badari Residence by Cadence

Badari Residence by Cadence

Welcome to the Badari Residence, a marvel of contemporary luxury nestled in the heart of Bengaluru, India – a bustling city renowned for its vibrant tech scene and rich cultural heritage. This stunning home, reimagined in 2019 by Cadence, artfully intertwines personal and communal spaces, resulting in an abode that’s as welcoming as it is exquisite. From the double-height living room to the masterfully designed façade, this property celebrates architectural delight at every turn. Be prepared to be swept off your feet by an eclectic fusion of color, texture, and a unique blend of traditional and modern design influences.

Home on the Hill by Arun Nalapat Architects

FeaturedHome on the Hill by Arun Nalapat Architects

Nestled in the captivating hills of Kerala, “Home on the Hill,” is a discreetly elegant retreat designed by the renowned Arun Nalapat Architects. Situated in Bangalore, India, a city known for its diverse culture and beautiful landscapes, this contemporary sanctuary is a prime example of seamless integration with nature. Adorned in greys and browns, the retreat effortlessly merges with its surrounding landscape, offering a tranquil refuge to its inhabitants.

Built in 2018, the retreat, boasting large glazed openings and an expansive deck, captivates with panoramic views of the lush green terrain. The modern design, blended with handpicked furniture and muted tones, exudes a simple yet luxurious elegance, truly embodying a sense of solitude.

Inside Out House by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

Inside Out House by Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects

Step into the distinctive realm of the Inside Out House, an enchanting embodiment of tranquility and modern design, nestled on the fringes of bustling Bangalore, India. Designed by the acclaimed Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects, this residential masterpiece seamlessly interweaves brick and traditional design elements to craft a private universe within its solid exterior. From its enchanting garden views to the poignant interplay of light and shadow within, this house offers a serene retreat from the relentless pace of city life, fostering a deeper connection with the self.

The Inside Out House‘s design gently dissolves conventional boundaries, encouraging an immersive experience that resonates with contemplative solitude. Its unique configuration enhances the fluid transition between spaces, allowing the residents to fully engage with the property’s soothing aesthetics and the surrounding natural splendor. Such a remarkable blend of design philosophy and architectural prowess, this house is a testament to the transformative potential of residential spaces.