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The Oasis Apartment: Elevating Thessaloniki’s Residential Aesthetics

Contemporary open-plan living space with stylish circular lighting.

Discover The Oasis Apartment in Thessaloniki, Greece, a masterpiece by Elefkon Design Studio. Designed in 2022, this modern apartment combines contemporary aesthetics with functionality, offering a serene and sophisticated living space.

With natural wood flooring, expansive sliding glass doors, and a color palette that balances soft neutrals with vibrant yellow, each room reflects a unique blend of elegance and comfort.

Costa Nova Apartment: Luminous Interior Redesign in Aveiro

FeaturedContemporary interior with white sectional sofa, kitchenette, and colorful art.

Experience modern luxury in the heart of Aveiro, Portugal, at the Costa Nova Apartment by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors. Designed in 2012, this apartment embodies a cultural fusion inspired by the iconic haystacks of Costa Nova.

Discover a space of luminosity and exceptional design, where the interior seamlessly extends to the exterior through a glass cover, offering a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Apartment GN: A Modern Home Transformation in Turin by BRH+

Stylish kitchen with navy cabinets and marble backsplash.

Apartment GN, redesigned by BRH+ in 2022, stands as a pinnacle of modern apartment living in the heart of Turin, Italy. This residential space merges two attic units into one functional and aesthetically stimulating home. It features bespoke furnishings, innovative sliding partitions for enhanced privacy, and a meticulous design that emphasizes environmental comfort. With unique elements like Carrara marble countertops and playful wallpapers, this project redefines luxury living.

House 30: Revitalizing 1960s Architecture in São Paulo

Contemporary living space with red chairs, a gray sofa, and large pendant lights

Discover House 30, a semi-detached house redesigned by RUÍNA Architecture in São Paulo, Brazil. This 2020 project transforms an underused space into a vibrant living area, integrating a guest bedroom, living, and dining room with the outdoors. Merging traditional with contemporary, the renovation showcases structural ingenuity and seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity.