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House on a Bay: Innovative Design Meets Natural Beauty

FeaturedCantilevered house with expansive glass windows amidst forest.

Discover the House on a Bay, a private residence designed by Elliott Architects in Southport, ME, United States, in 2022. This architectural gem stands as a testament to innovative design, seamlessly blending public and private spaces on a naturally tiered site. With the main living quarters elevated for privacy and grounded public areas offering stunning Atlantic views, the house showcases a remarkable balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of natural light, concrete, and steel integrates the building into its wooded surroundings, making it a must-see example of contemporary architecture.

Muntaner: Unveiling Barcelona’s Urban Oasis House

Modern minimalist bedroom with a bed, desk, and wooden cabinets.

Discover Muntaner, a stunning house designed by Scala Studio, nestled in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This project, completed in 2020, seamlessly blends high ceilings, vintage moldings, and large windows with modern materials, creating a sanctuary amidst urban chaos. The design meticulously divides social and intimate areas, employing unique materials like reclaimed wooden parquet and stainless steel to narrate a story of elegance and purpose.

Nero House: A Unique Modernist Home in the United Kingdom

FeaturedModern two-story house with dark wood facade and glass balconies surrounded by greenery

Discover Nero House in Esher, United Kingdom, designed by Fletcher Crane Architects in 2021. This house blends bold contemporary design with natural elements, featuring a distinctive black brick structure. Inside, find raw palettes contrasted with delicate metalwork and curving walls, alongside amenities like en-suite bedrooms and a natural swimming pool, embracing modernist influences.

Poet’s Corner: A Modern Victorian Renovation in London

Contemporary brick extension with large glass windows and a dog sitting outside.

Discover Poet’s Corner, a meticulously renovated Victorian house in London’s Poet’s Corner Conservation Area by Oliver Leech Architects. Designed in 2023, this London house transformation prioritizes a connection to light and nature, perfect for a modern family lifestyle. Through a clever reorganization of space and the introduction of natural materials, the project seamlessly blends contemporary design with the home’s original character, offering a serene, light-filled family residence in the heart of the city.

Interlace House: Where Design Innovates

Modern two-story house with cantilevered upper floor and lawn.

Discover the Interlace House in Puembo Valley, Ecuador—a contemporary masterpiece by TEC Taller EC that perfectly aligns with the breathtaking views of the Andes. This two-story house showcases innovative design amidst mountainous tranquility, featuring three distinct, overlapping volumes.

From a sunlit underground garage to private spaces facing the majestic Andes, experience how light, space, and nature intertwine in this exceptional home.

Casa Mendoza: Where Design Meets Functionality

Contemporary two-story house with wooden slats over glass and pool.

In the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa Mendoza stands as a testament to modern architecture’s ability to merge form with function. Designed by La Base Studio, this three-level home captivates with its contemporary blend of industrial and mid-century modern influences.

From its strategic use of wood and Portuguese tiles to its innovative approach to privacy and space utilization, Casa Mendoza redefines living in a bustling metropolis. Discover how this architect-owned residence, originally a 1970s build, transforms urban living with its unique design and thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape.