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The Beauty in the Details: A Modern Eclectic Home in Israel

FeaturedThe Beauty in the Details: A Modern Eclectic Home in Israel

Nestled in the picturesque Sharon region of Israel, The Beauty in the Details is a 1980s property that was recently fully renovated by interior designer Karen Maimon. Combining modern design with eclectic furniture and accessories, this unique home is brimming with soul and character. From a spacious garden to cozy living spaces, this house has it all and is sure to please even the most discerning of tastes.

American Style in Israel by Karen Maimon

FeaturedAmerican Style in Israel by Karen Maimon

Introducing “American Style in Israel“, a stunning house located in central Israel designed by Karen Maimon.

The property was completely renovated to reflect the American style the clients wanted – cozy and inviting spaces with plenty of storage and modern touches.

Light oak parquet, plaster walls concealing air conditioning units, black library running across two levels, granite gray kitchen, white parquet floors for the home office, 3-meter black stone slabs for an en-suite bathroom, Bauhaus windows opening up to an outdoor space with wooden shower and treehouse – all these features create a unique boutique feel that reminds the owners of their life in America.