Luxury Interior Design

Luxury interior design is considerably different from traditional interior design services. The process focuses on the “luxury” elements that mostly involves expensive furniture, exclusive designs, and striking materials that create a sophisticated style interior.

The primary goal is to contribute to creating an experience for the end-user. High-end customers have a distinctive lifestyle and want their home to reflect their taste, passions and interests.

Due to the high budget, luxury interior design allows to include bespoke and unique furniture in the home decor, creating a one of a kind living space.

Luxury interior design cleverly combines striking textures with exquisite elements and proportions in a way that engages the human senses comprehensively.

The attention to detail is absolutely critical; All the decisions taken during the design process could determine the success of the project and the fulfilment of the client’s needs. Every detail has to feel luxurious to the touch and to the eye in order to improve the experience of the interior.

The process is an extremely intricate orchestration of teams and tasks that is fully centred on the client’s vision. Translating that vision into reality requires experienced designers and project managers.

Juliettes Interiors has successfully developed a distinguished reputation within the design industry. Based in the heart of Chelsea and award-winning designs, Juliettes Interiors, combines luxury interior design services with luxury furniture and lighting to deliver exclusive residential and commercial projects all around the world.

The talented team of designers at Juliettes Interiors create an immersive design experience with their clients throughout the entire design process: from initial inspiration through installation and project delivery, every step requires meticulous attention to detail and commitment. Sourcing first-rate furniture and lighting combined with exceptional service to produce unforgettable home interiors are the key elements of Juliettes Interiors’ success.

The Juliettes Interiors team works closely with their clients to create a home they will love to live in and enjoy to the fullest. Rather than offering a standardised interior, Juliettes Interiors designers believe that a luxury interior is achieved when it’s tailored to the customer who has inspired it.

All their projects are exquisitely unique and every detail matters, no aspect is left untouched. Clients receive an early glimpse into their finished home decor through mood boards, illustrations, furniture and lighting layouts that are presented in the very early stages of the design process.

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Juliettes Interiors service is grounded on seamless communication with clients, meticulous project management and above all a well-thought-out design that looks and feels good. This is how the most luxurious, sophisticated and bespoke homes are envisaged and how Juliettes Interiors is able to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

Explore Juliettes Interiors luxury interior design and luxury furniture by scrolling through their Instagram and Pinterest feed. You will get immersed into their beautiful imagery and illustration of their work that will inspire you for your own home decor.

- by Matt Watts