How to Decorate Your Home Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are several themes to home decoration. You may want something classy, traditional, modern, and what have you. But you can also decide to go more personal with your home design by doing it according to your zodiac sign.

Your zodiac sign tells the sun’s placement in the constellation when you were born. There is a wide belief among people that this symbol affects the bearer’s personality. Wouldn’t it be fun to see what your home looks like going with your most natural character – your zodiac sign? If you’re up for it, we are down to teach you. Here we go!

1. Aries

You are a passionate, motivated, and confident leader with a cheerful disposition and relentless decisiveness. It’s only fitting you have something to match your boldness. Bright-colored paintings like yellow, blue, neon, and whatever appear daring. You’ll also need ample space to allow you to multitask and express your activeness.

2. Pisces

You are emotionally sensitive, generous, and mindful. Pisces can also be creative and imaginative. You don’t want to go for furniture with regular shapes. Something curvy will do. As for colors, something plain wouldn’t cut it. A mix of colors like polka dots, checkered, or mood-reflecting murals will be perfect. The idea is to let creativity guide you, and you can’t go wrong.

3. Aquarius

Air is your elemental sign because you are dynamic. Some Aquarians are calm and sensitive, while others are enthusiastic and active. Meanwhile, general traits for your kind will be self-reliance, cleverness, exceptionality, and optimism. So how should your home look?

An arrangement to give plenty of light and air is classic Aquarian. You might want some rooms you wouldn’t need in case someone needs your help with lodging. You think of technology only in terms of what is essential.

4. Sagittarius

Hilarious, honest, and loving freedom- do these describe you? If your answer is a yes, you’re acting true to your zodiac sign. You don’t like following the rules, so try some wallpapers of places you would love to go around the house. Make your indoor looks like an outdoor space using natural wood and fiber. Since you also love to travel, you should have a US immigration lawyer on your speed dial.

5. Scorpio

Scorpios are loyal, shrewd, stoic, and love privacy. Here are some ways to let your home show you are one. Something bold and dark will speak volumes about you. Arrange your home to give some privacy even with a crowd around. Install a secret camera to make you aware of everything and everyone that enters your space. Yes, you’re Scorpio!

6. Capricorn

For one, you’re strong, materialistic, hardworking, and strong-willed. You need a space that allows you to work while at home and furniture to keep things organized. You should decorate your house with antiques and use rich colors for your walls.

7. Libra

You warm up with people and love to have a sense of balance in everything around you. You should have a spacious arrangement to entertain the many friends you make. Fragrances would help spread the aura of friendship that defines you. Keep everywhere bright and exciting with light pastel colors.

8. Virgo

You are a perfectionist with a logical and practical approach to living. Natural colors like cream, grey, and fawn colors would be perfect for you. Lighted and study space is not negotiable since you love to learn. Also, your furniture and accessories must be very functional before consideration.

9. Leo

Like the lion, you are fiercely proud and confident. Leo’s personality is always in search of more friends and more space to take them. Your home should be full of bold and bright colors, and furniture that makes a statement. Tidiness is not your strength, so have waste baskets around the house.

10. Cancer

You are devoted, cautious, highly intuitive, sensitive, loving, and love to stay indoors. The goal is to make the home very comfortable since you’ll probably spend most of your time there. Select furniture based on coziness, and use colors that communicate calmness. Also, you should keep lighting to the minimum to keep that relaxing aura.

11. Gemini

You’re the intellectually curious one who finds fun in everything. People say you’re playful, but it’s only expressing your social trait. Let your house strike the same chord with your personality by making your rooms multifunctional. You may choose to sleep off in the sitting room or work in the bedroom on another day. Your furniture should reflect such, and hang around portraits of what only a Gemini can imagine.

12. Taurus

No one loves to have a good time more than you. Luxury and extravagance are your things, so let your house do the talking. A wine cellar should be a dominant feature in your living room. Food is part of your priorities, so your kitchen should be one of the pleasurable places to stay.

Final Thoughts

Home is where you are not afraid to be yourself. Why should anyone keep guessing your zodiac sign after visiting you? Make a statement with your home decor. Be loud, be proud, and above all, be you.

- by Matt Watts