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CR House: Elevated Design with Golf Course Views in Nordelta

FeaturedA modern, multi-level building with stone foundation, wood and concrete accents, and lush landscaping.

CR House, designed by remyarchitects, is a stunning residential project located in Nordelta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This contemporary house showcases a thoughtful integration of the exterior landscape and the interior spaces, creating a harmonious living experience.

Featuring a facade defined by intertwining volumes and green spaces, the home offers uninterrupted views of the adjacent golf course from the elevated social areas. The design separates the private and recreational zones, with the lower level dedicated to outdoor living and the upper floors housing the bedrooms and a multipurpose space with a terrace overlooking the golf course.

Townhouse by Kallos Turin: Restoring Historic Glamour in Argentina

FeaturedElegant living room with inviting armchairs, mirrored fireplace, and glass coffee table.

This historic Townhouse in the lush Palermo Chico neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been meticulously restored and modernized by renowned design duo Kallos Turin. The clients, who have collaborated with the designers on several previous projects, sought to create an elegant, intellectually-engaging home that blends the grandeur of the original Beaux-Arts architecture with contemporary sensibilities.

Kallos Turin‘s approach artfully preserves the home’s historic details while strategically inserting modern design elements, resulting in a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary styles.

House Three: Sustainable Rental Home by Estudio Galera

Modern two-story concrete house with large windows and trees surrounding it.

Estudio Galera‘s House Three in Ostende, Argentina, is the latest addition to a master-planned residential development that blends seamlessly with its coastal surroundings. Designed in 2023, this versatile house capitalizes on its unique location, nestled between the bustling working-class neighborhood and the tranquil tourist area. By embracing the site’s topographic challenges, the architects have crafted a dynamic living space that seamlessly integrates with the communal green spaces at the heart of the complex.

Morphosis House: A Modern Home in San Isidro, Argentina

Modern two-story house with geometric design, wood accents, and car parked outside.

Discover Morphosis House in San Isidro, Argentina, designed by Estudio PK – Ignacio Pessagno & Lilian Kandus in 2022. This modern house spans three levels, ingeniously compacting living spaces to cater to lifestyles and social gatherings. It features noble materials and thoughtful integration with nature, creating a cozy and welcoming environment for both family and friends.

Casa Mendoza: Where Design Meets Functionality

Contemporary two-story house with wooden slats over glass and pool.

In the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa Mendoza stands as a testament to modern architecture’s ability to merge form with function. Designed by La Base Studio, this three-level home captivates with its contemporary blend of industrial and mid-century modern influences.

From its strategic use of wood and Portuguese tiles to its innovative approach to privacy and space utilization, Casa Mendoza redefines living in a bustling metropolis. Discover how this architect-owned residence, originally a 1970s build, transforms urban living with its unique design and thoughtful integration with the surrounding landscape.

Casa Pirca: A Concrete Marvel in Buenos Aires’ Costa Esmeralda

Modern concrete house with large windows on a stone base.

Casa Pirca, designed by En Obra Arquitectos in 2023, exemplifies architectural elegance in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s Costa Esmeralda. This house, a blend of concrete innovation and local aesthetics, seamlessly integrates into the area’s unique forests and coastal dunes. Built on a challenging rectangular plot, the design smartly utilizes the natural slope with a multifunctional wall that delineates the property and forms part of the entrance, garage, and pool area.