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Unique and One of a Kind: Family Home Redesign in Sharon

FeaturedSpacious modern living room with large windows, fireplace, and green upholstered furniture.

Nestled in a tranquil Sharon neighborhood in Israel, “Unique and One of a Kind” is a contemporary family home designed by Boaz Snir merging the charm of its 1980s origins with modern elegance. Featuring a spacious open-plan layout, updated material palette, and preserved architectural arches, this renovated house offers a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication for its new owners.

One of a Kind by Boaz Snir

FeaturedOne of a Kind by Boaz Snir

Unlock the secrets of a one of a kind home located in the Sharon region of Israel! This charming wooden property was designed by Israeli architect Boaz Snir in 2022, and features a unique country design style with influences from Morocco, Greece, and the Far East.

The house was imported from the US in the 1980s in containers and reconstructed on-site, and the renovation included an addition of a staircase, a swimming pool, and a wide pergola to create an inviting outdoor space. The interior was transformed with the use of unusual colors and materials, and an extensive renovation was done on the wood giving the house a rustic, yet modern country feel. With its cozy vibes and artful design, this house is a perfect blend of past and present, and it will make you fall in love with it!