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Y28 by Hush Architects

FeaturedY28 by Hush Architects

Welcome to Y28 – a modern masterpiece nestled in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. This stunning single-family house, crafted by the inventive minds at Hush Architects, blends industrial chic with contemporary aesthetics to create a unique living experience.

Sofia, a historic city known for its rich culture and breathtaking views of the Vitosha Mountain, forms the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary dwelling. Built in 2020, the Y28 is more than just a house – it’s a testament to the innovative spirit of modern architecture.

Infinity House by Studio L Design

Infinity House by Studio L Design

Situated in the picturesque setting of Vitosha, Bulgaria, the Infinity House stands as a prime example of contemporary retreat design by the ingenious minds at Studio L Design.

This newly constructed residence, nestled amid the tranquil slopes of Mount Vitosha, harmonizes perfectly with its surroundings while offering an avant-garde living experience. The luxurious, multi-functional living area, seamlessly blending with a soothing spa zone, delivers a unique juxtaposition of natural elegance and modern comforts. Accentuated by a vibrant color palette, high-end lighting fixtures, and tailor-made wall art, the Infinity House redefines the essence of contemporary Bulgarian retreat living.

New Visioni by Studio L Design

FeaturedNew Visioni by Studio L Design

Experience New Visioni, a masterstroke of contemporary design by Studio L Design, nestled in Sofia’s prestigious Boyana district, Bulgaria.

This originally three-bedroom apartment is now an exquisitely redesigned two-bedroom oasis, graced with bespoke artwork by designer Elena L Georgieva. It’s not just a living space, it’s a testament to refined aesthetics and intelligent space utilization, illuminating the future of luxury apartment living.