Apartment St. John Hill: Modern Meets Rustic

Stepping into the picturesque town of Bansko, Bulgaria, Apartment St. John Hill stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of modern and rustic design. Conceived by Makeroom Architects in 2022, this apartment offers a serene retreat with its warm wooden accents and sleek finishes that echo the mountainous charm of its location.

This abode is not just a living space but a canvas where contemporary lines meet the timeless beauty of nature.

Modern living room with exposed beams, green sofa, and minimalist decor.
Modern living room with exposed beams and a white built-in bookshelf.
Modern living room with a green sofa, wooden beams, and pendant lighting.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, and exposed beams, accented by
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, pendant lights, and a view of
Modern narrow kitchen with wooden countertops and a green door.
Modern kitchen with wooden countertops, white tiles, and a green door.
Modern home office with a wooden desk, white cabinetry, and decorative wall elements
Modern attic home office and bedroom with skylight.
Minimalist bedroom with two beds, wooden floors, and built-in shelves.
Cozy bedroom with wooden beams, seen through a full-length mirror.
Modern bathroom with a round mirror and vessel sink.

About Apartment St. John Hill

In the heart of Bansko, Bulgaria, where the Pirin Mountains cradle the horizon, Apartment St. John Hill emerges as a paragon of modern-rustic living. Designed in 2022 by Makeroom Architects, this apartment harmoniously blends the quaint charm of Bansko with contemporary sophistication.

A Rustic Welcome

Greeted by the robust wooden beams, the exterior of St. John Hill offers a prelude to the craftsmanship within. The clean lines and warm woodwork invite you into a realm where design echoes the serenity of nature.

Sophisticated Interiors

Stepping inside, the living space unfolds in an elegant array of earthy tones and clean, modern lines. The seamless flow from the plush green sofa to the open dining area exudes a sense of calm, grounded by the sturdy presence of a wood stove. Each element, from the bespoke lighting fixtures to the thoughtfully curated shelves, speaks to a style that is both refined and inviting.

Personal Retreats

The private quarters reveal a playful yet peaceful ambiance, with natural light dancing across the wooden floors. In the children’s area, creativity is nurtured by a whimsical climbing wall, while the bedrooms offer a tranquil escape, balancing soft textures with minimalist design.

St. John Hill stands not merely as a dwelling but as a testament to the symbiosis of artistry and environment, capturing the essence of Bansko’s spirit in every detail.

Photography courtesy of Makeroom Architects

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- by Matt Watts