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House in Guardamar del Segura: Maximizing Natural Light

Modern open-concept interior with wooden table, metal stairs, and balcony view.

This stunning house in Guardamar del Segura, designed by renowned architect Bernardo Cerrato, showcases a clever solution to the challenges posed by the narrow plot.

Located in Alicante, Spain, the 2022 project features a central courtyard that serves as the key element, allowing natural light and ventilation to reach all the main rooms. The inverted floor plan, with private spaces on the first floor and the day area on the second, demonstrates the designer’s thoughtful approach to balancing functionality and comfort.

Casas 1922: Sustainable Bioclimatic Design in Spain

Quaint courtyard with reflecting pool, stone walls, and bell tower in the background.

Nordest Arquitectura‘s innovative “Casas 1922” project in RupiĆ , Spain, showcases a bioclimatic and integrated approach to residential design. This two-house development, designed in 2023, prioritizes the harmonious relationship between interior and exterior spaces, with a central courtyard blurring the boundaries between the two.

Embracing the advantages of industrialized systems, the project reinterprets traditional typologies to create a building that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, where natural materials like compacted earth, adobe, and wood take center stage.

Border House: Revitalizing Traditional Vietnamese Architecture

Ornate brick-and-tile villa with tropical garden courtyard and panoramic city views.

In Vietnam’s countryside, Worklounge 03 transforms a 2000s-era L-shaped house into the stunning Border House. This renovation project, completed in 2023, seamlessly blends the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious connection between the elderly couple living there and their son’s family. By incorporating a Japanese-inspired porch and strategically designed circulation paths, the design enhances the residents’ comfort and independence, while preserving the strong ties within the rural community.

Via Della Vetrina: Giulia Venanzi’s Stunning Apartment in Rome

Elegant living room with vaulted wooden ceiling, white couches, glass-top coffee table.

Nestled in the heart of Rome, Italy, the Via Della Vetrina apartment exemplifies the timeless elegance of Italian design. Crafted by the renowned architect Giulia Venanzi, this stunning urban oasis blends classic architectural elements with modern sensibilities, creating a harmonious living space that invites both relaxation and inspiration. With its strategic location and impeccable design, this apartment showcases the pinnacle of Italian real estate, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich cultural heritage and design legacy.

House in Muko: Redefining Japanese Residential Design in Kyoto

A modern architectural design with a central courtyard and glass walls overlooking a lush garden.

Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates have unveiled a captivating new residential project in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. The “House in Muko” blends traditional farmhouse aesthetics with modern living, creating a harmonious balance between the past and present. Situated amidst the lush farmlands and bamboo forests of Muko City, this 2023 design showcases a thoughtful approach to preserving the region’s historical architectural elements while embracing contemporary living standards.

Vale House: Designed for Tropical Family Living in Singapore

FeaturedStriking modern architecture with wooden accents, greenery, and a raised rooftop structure.

This contemporary family home in Singapore, designed by Ming Architects in 2023, offers a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. The Vale House features a practical four-bedroom layout with a close connection to nature, addressing the challenges of its front-facing, busy street location through a deliberate design strategy. By creating an internal courtyard, the architects have turned the views inward, amplifying the tropical living experience and introducing natural light, ventilation, and lush greenery throughout the three-story residence.

Courtyard Villa: Warm and Inviting Family Home in Israel

Spacious open-plan living area with large windows, built-in bookshelves, and plush sofas.

Situated in a moshav in the Sharon region of Israel, the Courtyard Villa by designer Keren Gans is a one-story house that beautifully blends modern and eclectic styles. This warm, open, and inviting home was designed for a family of five, along with their dog and turtle, who had recently returned to Israel after an extended stay abroad.

The architectural envelope features inner courtyards, balconies, and pergolas, creating seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces that thoughtfully incorporate the family’s needs and the stunning surrounding landscape.

Residential Villa: Embracing Urban Greenery in Ahmedabad’s Captivating Abode

Expansive wooden facade, covered outdoor seating, and natural landscaping elements.

In the heart of Ahmedabad, India, a captivating private residential villa by Blocher Partners India redefines urban living. Designed in 2021, this Residential Villa seamlessly blends modern architecture with the lush green surroundings, offering its well-travelled family residents a harmonious connection to nature. Featuring a custom-designed flexible facade inspired by traditional Jaalis, the villa regulates the microclimate and provides versatile privacy control, transforming with the seasons.