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House Riken: Stunning Residential Building in Switzerland

A unique, contemporary architectural design featuring dark, angular facades and large windows.

In the picturesque canton of Aargau, Switzerland, Tormen Architekten has designed an exquisite three-story residence that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. House Riken, completed in 2024, boasts a breathtaking panoramic view of the Jura mountain range, thanks to its strategic orientation on a northern slope. The private retreat features a covered lounge area and an exposed concrete pool, while the ground floor offers a spacious living area with panoramic glazing, providing an inviting and harmonious living experience.

House Kanton Solothurn by Tormen Architekten

House Kanton Solothurn by Tormen Architekten

Discover House Kanton Solothurn, a modern extension of a manor house from the 1960s located near the city center of Solothurn, Switzerland.

Designed by Tormen Architekten in 2022, the house opens up to the south with targeted interventions, featuring a large seating area that wraps around the main building like a meander. From the seating area, one can elegantly descend a few steps to the terrace deck with pool area and a wonderful view of the alpine landscape of the Eiger Mönch and the Jungfrau.