Artist’s House and Studio by 3GD

This single family property designed by 3GD for a talented and respected painter, as well as a professor is located in Arkansas, US.

Description by 3GD

Our client is a talented and respected painter, as well as a professor at the University Of Arkansas. She purchased and removed a derelict house to obtain a south sloping corner lot in an older part of town on which to build. She believes in living simply but well, and wants a house and studio that fit her life and the way she sees it unfolding from this point. With a friend, she worked out a diagram for the site, deciding to put the studio on the north side of the house, which in turn occupies the south side. There it is afforded the long view down the slope of the neighborhood and across the valley to the adjacent ridges, which hold the taller buildings of the university and the city square. Her thoughts on architecture and site mesh with ours, and so we set out to design a house that takes advantage of solar access, controls and conserves the rain water runoff, and preserves the existing trees as well as providing space for outdoor living. In addition, we want the house to work well with its older neighbors, while asserting its youth and place in this century. Most importantly, we want to make the spaces that facilitate her life, and inspire her creativity. Our goal is generous spaces in a small envelope.

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- by Matt Watts

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