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Casa Ulìa: Margine’s Modern Retreat in Italy’s Olive Groves

Modern single-story building with a patterned facade and central walkway.

Discover Casa Ulìa, a minimalist gem by Margine in Caprarica di Lecce, Italy, fusing modern design with Salento’s rural charm. In this 2023 project, a young couple’s dream of a peaceful retreat comes alive amid olive groves.

Integrating local materials and traditions, Casa Ulìa stands as a testament to sustainable, energy-efficient living. Its open spaces, panoramic views, and bespoke furnishings exemplify the seamless blend of luxury and the rustic allure of the Italian countryside.

HY/13: The Stunning Minimalist House in Ivano-Frankivsk

FeaturedHY/13: The Stunning Minimalist House in Ivano-Frankivsk

Unveiling the stunning HY/13, a minimalist house that is literally a dream come true for lovers of streamlined design. Nestled in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, this single-story marvel was brought to life in 2023 by the acclaimed designer, Michael Samoriz.

With its sleek lines and cozy decor, HY/13 is an incredible testament to the power of minimalist architecture, offering an easy and elegant living experience unlike any other.