Casa JMG by Luca Zanaroli

Completely redesigned by Luca Zanaroli, Casa JMG is a modern country house located in Polignano A Mare, Italy.

Minimalist, earthy-toned living room with leather couches, artwork, and a large window.
A sleek and modern interior with a wooden kitchen counter, concrete flooring, and large windows overlooking a stone wall and outdoor path.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, wooden table, and recessed lighting in minimalist design.
A modern kitchen design with clean lines, dark cabinetry, and a stone wall framing a large window.
Dark, minimalist living space with sleek wooden furniture, large window, and sculptural decor.
A cozy, stone-walled room with a simple, modern chaise lounge and minimalist lighting.
A sleek, minimalist bathroom with a striking stone sink and muted lighting.
A simple, minimalist bathroom interior with a shower head and dimly lit surroundings.
A modern architectural design with minimalist shelving, lighting, and natural surroundings.
Tranquil outdoor pool surrounded by stone buildings and mature olive trees.
Modern white building with stone accents, reflecting pool, and patio seating.

About Casa JMG

Welcome to Casa JMG, a modern country house designed by Luca Zanaroli, tucked away in the scenic landscape of Polignano A Mare, Italy. This architectural piece showcases modern design seamlessly integrated with the rustic charm of Italy’s countryside.

Modern Meets Rustic: The Exterior of Casa JMG

As you approach Casa JMG, the olive trees whisper of the home’s rooted presence in the Italian soil. The contrast of the dark-hued facade against the bright sky captures attention, with stone walls lending an air of enduring strength. Wide windows break the monotony, offering glimpses into the life within.

A Step Inside: The Heart of the Home

Entering the kitchen, the blend of sleek lines and natural materials strikes a balance. The kitchen is spacious, opening up to views of the surrounding landscape, while clean cabinetry and a central island invite gatherings. Simple yet functional, the design emphasizes openness and light.

Living Spaces: Where Design and Comfort Converge

The living room is a canvas of minimalist decor, where each piece of furniture is both a work of art and a nod to comfort. Sunlight streams through large windows, animating the space with a dynamic play of light and shadow. Here, the indoors and outdoors merge, promoting a sense of continuity with nature.

Rest and Revive: The Bedrooms

Each bedroom stands as a private retreat, where the day’s end brings rest. The restrained palette creates calm, and the interplay of light and texture adds depth without the need for excess decor. Stone arches remind one of the home’s historical lineage, marrying past and present in every corner.

Functional Elegance: The Bath and Beyond

In the bathrooms, functionality meets form. The use of stone and light crafts spaces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. A skylight opens the room to the sky, a novel approach to merging interior with the elements.

Designed in 2022, Casa JMG by Luca Zanaroli exemplifies a modern retreat that respects its rural setting while offering a fresh, contemporary living experience. This home is not just a place to live; it’s a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, a modern interpretation of the Italian countryside dwelling.

Photography courtesy of Luca Zanaroli

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- by Matt Watts