[en]costa House: Modernity Overlooking Guimarães

Unveil the splendor of [en]costa House, Hous3 Arquitectura‘s 2023 masterpiece in Guimarães, Portugal. Set against Penha Mountains’ slopes, this modern home harmonizes its “H” shape with the light and landscape. Boasting large windows and two levels of refined living spaces, it offers unparalleled views and a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Modern terraced house with large windows, surrounded by greenery.
Modern living room with large window and minimalist decor.
Elegant modern living room with sliding glass doors opening to a pool.
Modern living room with pool table, sofa, and large windows.
Modern kitchen with wooden finishes and a dining table with flowers.
Modern living room with wooden elements and sheer curtains.
Minimalist bedroom with white walls, built-in closets, and grey accents.
Modern bathroom with marble walls, freestanding tub, and scenic view.
Modern home with large windows overlooking a swimming pool.
Modern house exterior with stone walls, glass facade, and outdoor furniture on patio.
Modern home entrance with a slatted wooden door and stone walls.
Modern minimalist house with clean lines on a hillside, featuring a landscaped approach
Modern single-story house with a flat roof and minimalist design.

About [en]costa House

Enchanting Location

The [en]costa House sits on the Penha Mountains’ slopes, offering a stunning view of Guimarães. The surrounding topography and solar orientation blend with the breathtaking landscape, shaping this architectural gem.

Innovative Design

Comprising two interconnected rectangles, the house forms an “H.” This design optimizes land use, light, and vistas. Furthermore, the “H” shape creates a welcoming patio, where distinct volumes diverge, enhancing spatial dynamics.

Inside, two levels host social spaces and services, foregrounding the cityscape. Large windows in living rooms and kitchens introduce horizontal light, transparency, and captivating views.

The upper level harbors private, intimate room spaces. Here, light pursuit continues, framing the landscape in unparalleled beauty.

Externally, the house unfolds into a vast patio. This space maximizes vertical light, merging architecture with the open sky.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio

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- by Matt Watts