Laiki Lefkothea by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio

Located in Limassol, Cyprus, this two-storey contemporary residence was designed in 2012 by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio.

Description by Tsikkinis Architecture Studio

Area newly built, quiet countryside, peaceful conditions for family living.

Dynamic presence of free horizon to the gulf of Limassol city.

The conversion of space to place and maintain privacy.

The privacy as a mean of increasing the sense of land ownership.

Turning inward, the composition of the L-shaped form with internal covered veranda. The dialogue between the inside and outside through the form of construction. The isolation of the view ahead and its conversion to a background for the interior. The need for minimal loss of heat load determines the structure. The structure is visible through the form. The form embraces and protects the functions. The shell viewed from the outside is still visible inside, preserving the harmony between outside and inside.
Natural materials like stone and wood are displayed both outside and inside, giving a calm and pleasant living environment.

Photography courtesy of Tsikkinis Architecture Studio

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- by Matt Watts

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