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Villa Noal: Sustainable Living Meets Contemporary Italian Flair

Modern single-story house with pool and lounge chairs.

Experience the epitome of sustainable luxury at Villa Noal in Brescia, Italy. This modern house, designed by Andrea Benedetti of Panificio Architecture Workshop in 2023, epitomizes the Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) standard. Melding discreet luxury with cutting-edge sustainable technology, Villa Noal harnesses renewable energy produced on-site. Its design is a perfect blend of aesthetic excellence and energy efficiency, featuring a private pool and refined interiors.

Join us in exploring how this architectural marvel harmoniously integrates energy-saving features without compromising on its sophisticated design and comfort.

My Home: Blend of Rustic Charm and Modern Elegance

My Home: Blend of Rustic Charm and Modern Elegance

My Home, Andrea Benedetti‘s architectural vision in Pompiano, Italy, artfully transforms a traditional Lombard barn and farmhouse into a contemporary abode. Completed in 2022, this innovative project seamlessly blends historical charm with modern design.

The renovation features an open-plan living space, cozy bedrooms, and retains original elements like wooden beams and terracotta tiles. Benedetti’s masterful use of light and advanced materials such as gres porcelain redefines the property, contributing to the cultural and urban revitalization of Pompiano’s historic center.