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P31 Residence: A Closer Look at Its Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Serene outdoor lounge area with palm trees, umbrellas, and a sleek modern pool.

Welcome to P31 Residence, a stunning house designed in 2014 by Armentano Arquitetura and nestled in the lush locale of Itu, Brazil. The property artfully uses its uneven terrain to separate living spaces across two floors, presenting a seamless blend of private quarters and lively communal areas. Architectural transparency meets privacy through glass and stone walls creating a striking visual balance that connects the indoors with the picturesque external landscape. This modern home serves both aesthetics and functionality in its design.

P486 Apartment: The Interplay of Concrete and Colors in São Paulo

FeaturedA modern and minimalist living room with concrete walls, custom shelving, and sleek furnishings.

Discover the P486 Apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Armentano Arquitetura in 2022. This apartment superbly utilizes color and material combinations to distinctly define each space, aligning seamlessly with modern urban living. Highlighting elegant furnishings and striking artwork, the interior unfolds a narrative of sophisticated yet comfortable environments, perfect for city dwellers seeking a serene oasis amidst the bustle.