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House in the Jewish Quarter of Seville: Transforming an 18th-Century Abode

A gallery space with high ceilings, exposed beams, and modern lighting fixtures, showcasing various artworks and decorative items.

Situated in Seville, Spain, the House in the Jewish Quarter project by renowned architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra showcases a remarkable transformation of an 18th-century apartment into a modern living space and art gallery.

The single-family home, originally organized around a small central courtyard, has been repurposed into two independent flats with a dedicated art gallery on the ground floor, seamlessly integrating the new functions while preserving the building’s distinctive architectural character.

Gallery 6 One by Debaixo do Bloco

Gallery 6 One by Debaixo do Bloco

Step into the world of Gallery 6 One, a captivating concrete art gallery designed by Debaixo do Bloco Arquitetura. Located in Brasilia, Brazil, this 105 m² (1,130 sq ft) space boasts a unique and rustic design that emphasizes its authentic features.

Explore the gallery’s intriguing history, warm furnishings, and remarkable architectural elements inspired by the works of Niemeyer.