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Tile House: Embracing Timeless Tradition in Vietnamese Design

A modern brick building with distinctive angled roofing and two people walking on the pavement in front.

The Bloom Architects, a renowned design firm based in Vietnam, has unveiled their latest masterpiece – the captivating Tile House. This innovative residential project, completed in 2023, showcases a harmonious blend of traditional elements and modern design aesthetics.

Strategically located in the picturesque region of Bao Loc, the Tile House seamlessly integrates with the local climate, utilizing tile as a versatile material to create a comfortable, energy-efficient living space. Designed with the needs of a warm, emotional family in mind, this unique house combines privacy, natural ventilation, and a touch of nostalgia to provide a serene sanctuary amidst the challenges of the region’s harsh weather conditions.

Zenta House by CONN Design

Zenta House by CONN Design

Experience the unique journey to Zenta House, a coffee house located in Bảo Lộc, Vietnam.

The project was designed by CONN Design and completed in 2022, featuring a multi-cultural design style with a unique combination of Japanese, Korean, Vintage, Modern and Retro styles.

Through this project, CONN Design aimed to create a space with a little taste of the food-coffee neighborhood, providing customers with a memorable experience in a special environment.