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Arlington House: A Luxury Boutique Residential Renovation in Boston

Vibrant brick building with distinctive architectural elements and warm autumn foliage.

Arlington House, a boutique, five-unit residential building in Boston’s Bay Village neighborhood, showcases a harmonious blend of historic preservation and contemporary design. Crafted by acclaimed architect Hacin, this project encompasses the renovation of a 1931 commercial building and a two-story addition, culminating in four distinct, luxury residences and a penthouse unit boasting grand views of the surrounding Bay Village and Back Bay areas.

West Broadway Housing: Maximizing Space in Boston’s Narrow Lots

Striking modern apartment building with glass facades and brick accents, framed by bare trees.

Merge ArchitectsWest Broadway Housing in Boston, MA, United States, is a six-unit multi-unit residential building that showcases a unique architectural approach to its narrow, 27-foot-wide site. Designed in 2019, the project utilizes an exterior light well to provide natural ventilation and illumination, while its carefully composed and crafted facade of glass-fiber reinforced concrete panels creates a contemporary yet contextual break in the street’s vernacular.