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Casa Figueira: Mid-Century Brazilian Aesthetic in Sydney

Expansive indoor-outdoor living space with sleek wooden finishes and scenic water views.

Showcasing a harmonious blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance, Casa Figueira is a remarkable residential project nestled in the picturesque suburb of Rose Bay, Australia. Designed by the renowned architecture firm buckandsimple in 2020, this exquisite house seamlessly integrates with its surrounding landscape, centered around a century-old heritage-protected fig tree.

Featuring a meticulously crafted open-air living space and a thoughtful balance of robust materials, Casa Figueira exemplifies the pinnacle of modern Australian architecture.

Casa DF: A Brazilian Craftsmanship Showcase by Rua 141

Casa DF: A Brazilian Craftsmanship Showcase by Rua 141

Discover “Casa DF“, an architectural masterpiece nestled in São Paulo’s upscale neighborhood. The 2020 redesign by RUA 141 architecture office infused this luxurious residence with a quintessentially Brazilian flair, balancing natural textures and tropical landscaping.

Initially created for a young bachelor, the 4,197 sqft (390sqm) property underwent a transformation to include vast, light-filled spaces, strategically divided into social and private areas. This design gem seamlessly blends industrial aesthetics with the warmth of Brazilian craftsmanship, presenting an inviting space that celebrates local designers.