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Urban Metamorphosis: A Loft Where Industrial Meets Mediterranean

FeaturedInviting lounge space with lush greenery, modern furniture, and earthy, textured accents.

Stepping into Urban Metamorphosis, designed by Brengues Le Pavec, unveils a loft that’s a symbiosis of industrial heritage and Mediterranean vivacity, nestled in Montpellier, France. This architectural marvel redefines loft living, blending the robustness of its original metal structure with the serenity of nature through its unique courtyards or “patios”. The design, conceived in 2024, captivates with its ingenious use of space, natural light, and integration of greenery, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

ALB House: A Minimalist Masterpiece in the South of France

ALB House: A Minimalist Masterpiece in the South of France

Dive into the world of minimalist architecture with the stunning ALB House, a single-story gem nestled in the picturesque south of France. Designed by the talented Brengues Le Pavec in 2022, this contemporary home is a harmonious blend of geometry, spaciousness, and functionality, featuring three distinct living areas connected by elegant glass passages. Experience the perfect balance of privacy and comfort, as each volume is thoughtfully positioned for optimal orientation and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.