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Santa Lucia Preserve 5 by Richard Beard Architects

A modern, open-concept living room with wooden ceiling, fireplace, and eclectic furniture.

In the serene expanse of Carmel Valley, California’s Santa Lucia Preserve 5 stands as a testament to contemporary elegance and sustainable design. Created by Richard Beard Architects and Susan Williams, this modern English cottage offers a luxurious escape within a sprawling 20,000-acre oak grove, skillfully harmonizing with the wild beauty of its setting.

It’s a perfect marriage of refined architecture and natural tranquility for those seeking a sophisticated, yet grounded lifestyle.

The Webster Poolhouse: A Marvel in Carmel Valley’s Landscape

FeaturedModern house with pool and mountain view.

Discover the Webster Poolhouse in Carmel Valley, California—a 2021 project by Justin Pauly Architects. This poolhouse not only complements the historic Comstock Adobe but also introduces a modern touch with its minimalist design, expansive glass, and natural surroundings. Step inside to find a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, from plush living spaces to rustic yet modern kitchens and serene bedrooms, all designed to merge the indoors with the breathtaking outdoors seamlessly.