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Sitges House: Veronica Mimoun’s Mediterranean Masterpiece

Modern white villa with pool, outdoor lounge, and lush green surroundings.

Veronica Mimoun Studio‘s Sitges House in Spain offers a captivating blend of modern design and breathtaking coastal views. This 400 sqm residence, situated in the Can Girona urbanization, boasts 4 en-suite bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and service area, all seamlessly integrated with the surrounding golf course and sea views. The home’s Mortex paving and custom-designed elements, including a striking lobby with a Nani Marquina carpet, create a harmonious and visually appealing living space.

House on the Outer Beach: Vacation Getaway on Cape Cod

FeaturedModern coastal home with wood siding, balcony, and stone path leading to porch.

This vacation home on the Outer Beach of Cape Cod, designed by 1100 Architect in 2018, showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture and the natural surroundings.

Set on a hillside planted with native vegetation, the house features an upper volume clad in cedar shingles and a lower volume composed of mahogany siding, echoing the New England vernacular. The open-plan interiors maximize spatial flexibility and offer sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Gap House: Maximizing Ocean Views on Long Beach Island

A modern, two-story house with shingle siding, glass balconies, and a vibrant red door.

Situated on the idyllic shores of Long Beach Island, New Jersey, the captivating “The Gap House” by Parnagian Architects is a testament to modern coastal design. This stunning house, designed in 2024, caters to a couple and their family seeking a serene retreat, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living spaces to maximize breathtaking views of both the bay and the ocean.

Featuring a harmonious blend of natural materials, including Eastern White Cedar shingles and cement board panels, this house exemplifies a thoughtful and sustainable approach to architecture.

Dammuso Renovation: Bright Light and Airy Design in Sicily

Stone buildings with whitewashed roofs nestled in rugged, lush terrain overlooking the sea.

Bornelloworkshop‘s stunning Dammuso Renovation project in Trapani, Sicily, Italy, showcases the beauty of traditional Mediterranean architecture blended with contemporary design. This house renovation seamlessly combines bright light, black stone, and white lime to create a crisp yet warm living space, with doors and windows that open wide to embrace the breathtaking sea views. The tall ceilings and carefully curated design elements elevate this Sicilian retreat, offering a serene and tranquil escape.

Bridgehampton Beach House: Oceanfront Living Reimagined

Modern luxury villa with infinity pool, covered patio, and panoramic ocean views.

In the coastal community of Bridgehampton, United States, a formally innovative home by Steven Harris Architects redefines oceanfront living. Referencing the work of modernist masters like Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx, this 2022 house strategically places its public spaces on the second floor to maximize panoramic ocean views, while a sculptural pavilion-turned-reflecting-pool draws the sea even closer. Sustainable materials, energy-efficient design, and integrated landscaping make this Bridgehampton Beach House a celebration of art, nature, and responsible architecture.

Large House Rethink: Revamped Oceanfront Home in Fire Island

FeaturedSleek, modern architecture featuring extensive glass panels, wood siding, and an inviting pool.

Bromley Caldari Architects‘ recent project, the Large House Rethink, showcases a comprehensive renovation and enlargement of an oceanfront house on Fire Island, New York. This 2022 design transformed the property, raising the entire structure to comply with FEMA floodplain regulations, while also recladding the building, replacing fenestration, and completely redesigning the interior. The result is a bold, bright, and light-filled house tailored for entertaining and beachside living.

Casas Elilula: Elevated Beach Villa with Timber Megastructure

A two-story wooden vacation home with open balconies, large windows, and a tropical setting.

Casas Elilula, a captivating collection of beach bungalows and a stunning villa, designed by renowned architect Elisa Commanay, has emerged in Belém, Brazil, offering a harmonious fusion of modern architecture and immersive nature. Comprising the fragmented Casa La, the interconnected Casa Lu, and the elevated Casa Eli, this remarkable real estate project seamlessly integrates with its lush, oceanfront surroundings, prioritizing sustainable design and fostering a dynamic creative community through the Elilula Collective.