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Lipno Lakeside Cabin: Immersive Bohemian Forest Retreat

A modern wooden cabin nestled in a lush forest, with large windows framing the scenic view.

Designed by Les Archinautes and located in Frymburk, Czech Republic, the Lipno Lakeside Cabin offers a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and the natural beauty of the Bohemian Forest. This single-story house with an attic was built in 2021, providing the perfect base for nearby mountain sports. The design follows the regional architectural principles, including a rectangular floor plan, compact shape, and a pronounced gable.

Mont Ste-Marie: Cabin Nestled in Canada’s Scenic Wilderness

Glass-walled structure nestled in lush, forested surroundings, creating a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Tucked within the dramatic landscape of Mont Ste-Marie, Canada, Shean Architects‘ cabin design seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. This modern retreat, built in 2020, strategically positions itself on the rocky terrain, minimizing its impact and embracing the rugged beauty of the forested setting. The cabin’s design, characterized by a restrained palette and thoughtful material choices, creates a harmonious dialogue between the built and natural environments.

Tiny House: Cozy & Sustainable Living in Valle de Bravo

FeaturedA modern, elevated wooden house with large windows and a spacious deck in a natural setting.

Designed by Weber Arquitectos, the Tiny House retreat in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, embodies a minimalist and efficient approach to modern living. This 2022 project, conceived as a rest house with a limited budget and construction timeline, showcases the innovative use of modular design and precast structures to create a tranquil oasis in the heart of the surrounding forest. With a focus on maximizing the limited square footage, the Tiny House prioritizes the public areas while efficiently accommodating private spaces, integrating seamlessly with the natural landscape.