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Big Fish: Elevated Home Blends with Uruguay’s Wild Dunes

FeaturedA modern beach house on stilts with a deck overlooking the ocean horizon.

Architecturally designed by the acclaimed Martin Gomez Arquitectos, the Big Fish house in Punta del Este, Uruguay, stands as a shining example of sustainable, nature-inspired design. Situated on an irregular strip of land near the dunes and sea, this 2021-built residence preserves the captivating wild surroundings through a raised, light-touch approach. The ground plan rests on pillars, creating a space for garages and services while allowing the local vegetation to thrive beneath the upper, flying volume.

Court House: Modernist Meets Heritage in Yackandandah

A mid-century modern home with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a wooden exterior, and lush vegetation.

Nestled in the heart of Yackandandah, Australia, Court House is a captivating modern home that pays homage to its heritage. Designed by Archier in 2022, this single-level residence seamlessly blends mid-century modernist influences with a strong connection to the surrounding landscape. Featuring a twist-around-an-internal-courtyard layout, the house creates a private oasis while remaining open to the community it serves.

Casa B: Designing an Idyllic Escape from City Life

Serene oasis with infinity pool, lush greenery, and contemporary architectural elements.

Designed by the acclaimed Atelier Design N Domain, Casa B is a stunning house located in Alibag, India. This 14,000 sq. ft. residence, completed in 2018, seamlessly blends modern architecture with the serene tropical landscape. Featuring a harmonious color palette and an abundance of natural light, Casa B embodies the essence of a tranquil getaway, providing its occupants with a rejuvenating oasis away from the bustling city life.

Ribas House: Estúdio MRGB’s Concrete & Steel Masterpiece

FeaturedModern, angular building with glass facade and concrete accents. Recessed entryway and bike parked outside.

Approximately 20 kilometers from Brasília’s Plano Piloto, the Ribas House by Estúdio MRGB showcases a thoughtful balance between private and social spaces. Designed in 2018, this Brazilian house features a unique layout with four reinforced concrete walls anchoring two parallel metallic pavilions, creating a central courtyard that brings light and vegetation to the living areas.

Lake Tai Villa: A Modern Oasis Bridging East and West

Modern open-concept kitchen with sleek marble countertops, wooden cabinetry, and minimalist furnishings.

Lake Tai Villa, designed by Zhang Haihua of Z+H Interior Design, embodies a fusion of traditional oriental aesthetics with modernist principles. Located near China’s Lake Tai in Jiangsu Province, this house boasts over 1,000 square meters of intricately designed space, focusing on the serene interplay between indoor and outdoor living. The property’s central courtyard and its seamless integration into the natural surroundings offer a peaceful retreat, redefining contemporary luxury living.