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M50: Where Modern Design Meets Costa Blanca’s Majestic Coast

M50: Where Modern Design Meets Costa Blanca’s Majestic Coast

Unveiling the M50, a masterpiece by Vives Pons Homes in Dénia, Spain. This modern detached house seamlessly combines two contrasting volumes, resulting in spaces that fluidly transition from expansive day zones to cozy nighttime areas.

Utilizing invisible corners and disappearing carpentry, M50 provides uninterrupted views of its garden, while also offering a captivating glimpse of the iconic Costa Blanca’s coastal vistas.

Carmen House by Carles Faus Arquitectura

FeaturedCarmen House by Carles Faus Arquitectura

Embodying the elegance of traditional Ibizan architecture and minimalist design principles, the Carmen House in Dénia, Alicante, Spain, is a testament to the refined style of Carles Faus Arquitectura.

Strategically designed in 2018 to enhance natural light within its white-hued interiors, the property marries the essence of its surroundings with interior design finesse, while cleverly diverting attention from the city’s hustle and bustle. Key highlights include a rectilinear layout, a large light-infused opening overlooking a pool and Dénia castle, and a double height main nucleus that breaks the exterior continuity.