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Off Grid House: Innovative Timber Design in Rural Australia

Cozy wooden cabin interior with panoramic forest views and plush seating.

Archier‘s Off Grid House in regional Victoria, Australia, is a stunning example of sustainable, family-focused design. Commissioned by clients seeking to reconnect with the cherished landscape, this 2023 project celebrates the region’s natural beauty and supports the needs of an extended family. Designed as a modern interpretation of a civic meeting place, the home features a striking gabled roofline that captures panoramic views, while its thoughtful use of Australian hardwood throughout creates a rich, textural experience.

Villa in Mongolia: Brutalist Design Meets Mongolian Charm

Industrial-style dining area with wooden table, bench, and plants in concrete space.

This striking villa in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, designed by CMT architetti in 2023, blends contemporary aesthetics with the brutalist character of an unfinished neoclassical shell. The designers embraced the raw concrete surfaces, pairing them with sleek Italian furnishings and dramatic lighting to create a modern, industrial-inspired retreat. Spanning three floors, this spacious family home features an open-concept living area, a game room, and guest quarters, showcasing the architect’s ability to transform an unconventional starting point into a cohesive, refined design.

Reconstruction of Family House in Šaľa: Transforming a Standard Cube into a Vibrant Family Home

FeaturedWarm, modern interior with wooden beams, red accents, and multi-level living spaces.

Transforming a standard suburban home into a vibrant, light-filled oasis, the Reconstruction of Family House in Šaľa, Slovakia showcases designer benkobenkova‘s talent for reimagining living spaces. This 2024 project in the outskirts of a county town seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors, creating a harmonious hub for a young family to enjoy quality time together.